Yes, or No, to Open Concept Master Bathrooms

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A new master bedroom trend that’s been popping up is the inclusion of ‘open concept’ bathrooms as part of the bedroom suite. This open concept can range from a bathtub in the bedroom, to glass-walled spaces that show off everything in the bathroom whether you want it to, or not. These sorts of designs are common in luxury hotel suites, which have become a huge source of inspiration for a lot of modern bedroom interior schemes. 

What do you prefer? Would you want and open concept bathroom in your master bedroom suite? Here are some of the pros and cons for this new bathroom style, and some examples to inspire you. 

Yes, to looking more spacious

Instead of blocking off a corner of your master bedroom space, using glass walls like in this Luxe Au Pastel apartment, creates the feeling of more space in the room, as well as giving off a luxury hotel room vibe.

Image credits: Mr Shopper Studio

Another example of using glass walls to open up the visual space is this version in this Regent Heights master bedroom. The use of a platform sleeping area, and extending the platform into the bathroom area, adds an additional feeling of more space to the room.

Image credits: Rezt & Relax

Yes, to looking like a luxurious hotel room

The master bedroom and bathroom suite in this Toh Yi Drive home clearly takes its style cues from a luxurious hotel room. The built-in tub, glass walls and mirrored cabinets takes the design to the next level.

Image credits: Design 4 Space

Here is another example of how your home master suite can be turned into a luxurious relaxation space by using ideas from luxury hotels. The use of dark shades and luxe materials in this Chai Chee apartment, definitely fits the bill.

Image credits: Aart Boxx Interior

Yes, to having a brighter bathroom

With most Singapore apartments built to only have windows on one side, getting natural light into our bathrooms can sometimes be a struggle. However using glass walls between the outside windows and the bathroom space, like in this Costa Del Sol master suite, solve that problem.

Image credits: Rezt & Relax

The open concept bathroom in this master bedroom at The Shore Residences has combined both glass walls and additional mirrors to increase the amount of natural light that streams into this master bathroom.

Image credits: IDID Pte Ltd

Yes, to better ventilation

Another great function of an open concept bathroom is improved ventilation when you choose to not close in your wet area, like this Pinnacle @ Duxton apartment’s master bedroom suite. No more misty, foggy shower doors or mirrors.

Image credits: Fineline Design

No, to decreased privacy

It goes without saying that an open concept bathroom tends to have less privacy than a traditional one. For a happily married couple, or a happy single living alone, that lack of privacy won’t be such an issue, but if  you choose to put your bathroom right on the edge of your apartment, like this Balmoral Road home, then you better be sure you have some good screens!

Image credits: Black N White Haus Interior

On the other hand, if your apartment is on a really high floor, like this stunning version at Ion Orchard Residence, then you won’t need to screen out your neighbours, only the odd helicopter or drone flying by!

Image credits: Space Atelier 

The best of both worlds

Don’t worry, you can have the best of both worlds - more natural light, a feeling of spaciousness, a taste of luxe hotel style, and privacy. Choose to create an open concept bathroom that is semi-private by adding in half-walls, for example, like the bathroom in this Sanctuary Green apartment.

Image credits: Space Define Interior

You can also choose to use frosted glass panels to create a sense of privacy, like the ones in this Meiling Street apartment bathroom.

Image credits: Chapter B

Another option is to add in sliding frosted or coloured glass doors between the bathroom and the sleeping area, like this master bedroom suite in The Interlace.

Image credits: Space Define Interior 

Curtains or roman blinds, like the ones used in this Shore Residence master bedroom suite, are another way to add privacy to an open concept bathroom, making this space really feel like a luxury hotel.

Image credits: Space Define Interior

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