How Interior Design Contributes to Mental Well-being and a Relaxing Home

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Do you have a favourite cafe where you not only feel relaxed, but also comfortable enough to work well? Or maybe you get your best thinking done in a hair salon, or while getting your nails done? This is known as environmental psychology and is something architects and designers have been doing for years in public spaces to make us feel so comfortable that we are happy to spend time there.

Now there is a move to take these skills into our private spaces to create homes that are not only relaxing spaces, but that can also make use feel more ‘at home’ and improve our mental well-being.

From clear, open spaces and furniture that doesn’t intrude, to natural textures and colours that bring the outdoors and nature inside, there are a number of ways we can incorporate environmental psychology into our homes.

Discover some of the ways you can create an interior design scheme that is not only relaxing, but can also contribute to better mental well-being at home.

A Clear and Open Space

An open plan living space with lots of natural light creates an environment that reflects an equally clear and open mind, one that allows you to feel unconstrained and restful. This G Maisonette interior design, uses a restrained palette of neutral colours and streamlined furniture to create a clear and open space.

Designed by: 0932

For a softer version of a clear and open space, this interior design scheme has added sheer curtains and neutral toned soft furnishings to create a space that is still full of light, but not too bright.

Designed by: 0932

Combining an open floor plan with natural materials creates a warm and harmonious living space in this Sumang Walk apartment.

Designed by: Elpis Interior Design

Featured Furniture

Furniture that recedes, not taking up too much visual - and actual - space also helps to create a clear, open environment. Here the thin metal legs on the couch and tables almost disappear allowing the eyes to move easily around the room.

Designed by: 0932

Choosing comfortable, light-coloured furniture covered in natural materials like the cotton used in this Matilda Court apartment, adds a calmness and coolness to an interior design scheme.

Designed by: The Minimalist Society

The clear and open plan of this Helsinki Loft apartment is highlighted by the use of simple furniture in natural materials that creates a cool and open vibe.

Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

Low-set furniture adds to the calm vibe of this Havelock Road apartment, allowing the open walls and wide windows to let in more natural light.

Designed by: Free Space Intent

A Touch of Nature

It almost goes without saying that bringing touches of nature into your home is sure to add to a more serene and calm vibe. Creating something as impactful as a Green Wall like this one, will ensure that you will also get the health benefits of nature on a larger scale - extra oxygen, and other proven calming properties from plants.

Designed by: 0932

If you don’t have the time to look after a major plant installation, a more streamlined option is to use smaller plants to create a decorative feature like this one for the G Maisonette interior design.

Designed by: 0932

Using a variety of plant sizes and shapes, like in this Havelock Road home office space, adds texture and a jungle vibe to your interior space.

Designed by: Free Space Intent

Lighting to Chill Out With

Add meaningful quotes in neon to your living spaces to create personalised areas. Choose quotes that mean something to you and attach to your walls like this Robertson Edge bedroom.

Designed by: The Minimalist Society

The interior design of this Punggol Bayview @ Sumang Walk apartment features lots of Chinese style, and the neon character adds more personal meaning.

Designed by: Fuse Concept

Bright colours can add interest and energy to your home too, this Eunos Crescent apartment has used colour in a clever way to create a home that is interesting and inspiring to live in, just like the quote on the wall.

Designed by: Fuse Concept

Use lighting to change the mood and vibe of your home. This Brownstone apartment has multi-coloured programmable lighting throughout the home that can be easily switched to match your mood.

Designed by: Thom Signature

Dare to Declutter

A cluttered environment can drain you of energy and negatively impact on your mood, so it is important to use storage and organisational furniture to keep all your clutter at bay. This Boon Lay Avenue apartment has great storage built-in to the living space to control all the clutter.

Designed by: The Minimalist Society

This Bartley Road apartment has another clever option to hide and organise your clutter. The built-in storage can be used to hide away the access to the bedrooms, or to be used to display special items. 

Designed by: Design 4 Space

Organisation doesn’t have to be built-in; this Stirling Road apartment has used off-the-shelf furniture pieces to control the family’s clutter.

Designed by: Design 4 Space

The home office space in this Fernvale Street apartment is organised, and clutter free.

Designed by: Thom Signature

Create a Home Spa

Add spa-like elements to your home to truly create a relaxing and calming space. This One Robin apartment by Mr Shopper Studio uses decorative blinds and natural textures to create a space that feels like you are visiting a spa.

Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

Create the feeling of journeying away from your busy daily life with a pebbled walkway in your home, like the one in this Maplewoods apartment..

Designed by: The Interior Lab

One of the easiest ways to create a holiday or luxury spa vibe is to add a big bathtub like the one in this Sembawang Hill apartment.

Designed by: Design 4 Space

A walk-in wet area with rainforest showers and a huge bathtub really create a luxe spa vibe in this Bishopgate home.

Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

Consider a Place for Peace and Contemplation

To really create a sense of mental well-being in your home, create an area that you use simply for mediation, reading, or relaxing in, like the unique seating area in this Cascadia Condo.

Designed by: Dyel Design

A space designed just to enjoy drinking tea is also one way to create a spot for contemplation in your home, like the one in this Ang Mo Kio apartment. 

Designed by: Dots 'N' Tots

This Matilda Court apartment also has a space dedicated to drinking tea and thinking about life.

Designed by: Areana Creation

If reading is more your thing, a comfortable reading area surrounded by natural light and plants could work for your home. The reading nook in this Telok Blangah Drive apartment also offers storage and calming colours. 

Designed by: Starry Homestead

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