Top 10 Home Design Ideas on our Instagram in 2019!


This year has seen a huge rise in our interest in stylish home interior design. From our own Instagram account we have been able to track exactly what you have all been most excited about, too. Here are some of the most popular interior design ideas based on our Instagram page for 2019. 

1. High Ceilings

This year you all seemed to really like the idea of living in spaces with high ceilings, like the double-height ceiling of this stunning Trilinq home. Using the additional space, the design incorporates a useful mezzanine area that not only offers a space for a home office, but also supports some additional stylish storage in the living area. 

Image credits: Free Space Intent

2. Splashes of Colour

The trend of all-white-everything has seen a bit of a shift in 2019, with lots of you loving the idea of adding some bright splashes of colour to your home. The kitchen of this Eunos Crescent apartment is a great example of how to add strong colour to your home in a stylish way.

Image credits: Fuse Concept

3. Resort Vibes

Creating your own perfect holiday escape in your home is another popular trend we have seen in 2019. This resort-like Maplewoods home includes so many details - like indoor pebbles and pavers - that are certain to make you feel like you are already on holiday as soon as you open your front door.

Image credits: The Interior Lab

4. Soft Minimalism

Minimalism continues to be a popular interior design trend in Singapore, but it has become more livable and comfortable with the addition of more soft furnishings, natural textures and even a few touches of light colour like this Sumang Lane HDB apartment.

Image credits: Adroit Interior

5. Perfect Pastels

Pale pastel colours have been super popular in Singapore this year. This West Ridges apartment is a perfect example of the trend with a delicate mix of pink, blue and green.

Image credits: Mr Shopper Studio

6. Golden Glamour

Adding touches of gold and other glamorous materials is another popular choice for our home interior design in Singapore. This stunning Garden Vista apartment mixed gold metal with marble, timber and glass to create a rich, glamorous home. 

Image credits: Space Define Interior

7. Dark-Toned Timber

While pale wood remains a strong trend in many Singapore homes, darker toned timbers have started to take off in 2019. The mix of dark-toned timber, concrete and dark coloured walls in this Hillbre 28 apartment has created a stunningly elegant living and dining space.

Image credits: Space Define Interior

8. Monochromatic Palettes

Black and white remains a very popular interior design trend in Singapore; the monochrome look is clean, elegant, simple and modern. This G Maisonette apartment, is a great example of how good the monochrome palette can look.

Image credits: 0932 

9. Cool Colours

Calm, cooling colours like pale blue, grey, silver and white is another colour palette that you loved in 2019. This Bendemeer Light apartment, is a clever example of how cool colours can create a welcoming and comfortable home.

Image credits: Mr Shopper Studio

10. Mixed Materials

Last, but not least, the mixed materials trend has also become more popular in 2019. This Punggol Walk home is a great example of this concept with different textures from bricks, timber, tiles and laminate in similar colours being used to create a soothing and warm, homely space. 

Image credits: Starry Homestead

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