Best Bedroom Design Trends to Make use of

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When it comes to our bedrooms we are all looking for a tranquil, relaxing space to kick back and enjoy. But you don’t want a boring bedroom either, which is why it’s always a great idea to refresh your bedroom decor every so often by looking at the latest trends.

Here are some of the latest trends in bedroom decor, from soft new colours and mixed materials, to canopy beds and fabulous wallpapers, that will help create a soft and comfortable new bedroom space just for you.

1. Chill out Spaces

A bedroom doesn’t have to be a place just to sleep. A popular new trend is to carve out some space for a relaxing chill out spot in the room. Whether it is for reading, checking your phone or just napping, a window seat can become a relaxing corner in your bedroom, like the one in this Silversea apartment.

Image credits: Mr Shopper Studio

In the huge master bedroom of this West Edge apartment an entire chill out area has been created by placing the bed on a raised platform to create enough space for a super cool swinging chair - the perfect spot for a relaxing read.

Image credits: Mr Shopper Studio

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony attached to your bedroom, make the most of the extra space by turning it into a hidden chill out space like the designers from The Interior Lab have done in this Tribeca apartment.

Image credits: The Interior Lab

2. Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are a hot trend at the moment. For those of us who have the space, a canopy bed can create a romantic, luxurious bedroom or add a touch of tradition depending on the type of bed you choose. A timber version can give you the vibe of a luxury Bali resort, or a Colonial mansion like the one in this Loyang Valley condo.

Image credits: The Interior Lab

The use of sheer curtains on this rustic canopy bed creates a romantic space in this Cabana bedroom, the carved timber curtain ties match the dark furniture and faux wooden beams for a lovely rustic vibe.

Image credits: Rezt & Relax Interior Design

Canopy beds can also be used to hide away parts of the bedroom like the wardrobe in this Depot Road apartment’s master bedroom. Let down the curtains and you are in a calm, minimalist space.

Image credits: Liid Studio

What princess wouldn’t adore this fairy-light strewn canopy bed? Instead of going for a bed with attached canopy, the designers from Jewel Lux have created a built-in canopy from the bedroom ceiling, a great way to get the feel of a canopy bed without the permanence of an attached canopy structure.

Image credits: 19 Eighty Three

3. The Colours of Nature

The warm, earthy tones of nature continue to be a strong colour trend for bedroom schemes. By combining various tones of brown, beige and cream with timber, natural fabrics, and greenery, this Toa Payoh Apex bedroom has become a nature-inspired sanctuary.

Image credits: Mr Shopper Studio

If you prefer a darker, more soothing space for your bedroom, look to darker toned timber and mix with white and dark greys like the design team from KDOT Associates have done in this McNair Road bedroom.

Image credits: KDOT Associates

For a lighter take on the all-natural theme, this bedroom in The Minton is full of pale timber furniture. The use of rattan for the bedside table - rattan is another strong interior trend - and pale slatted blinds adds to the fresh natural appeal.

Image credits: The Interior Lab

4. Add a Splash of Colour

Although minimalism has been, and continues to be, a strong trend for interior design and bedrooms, maximalism is starting to make inroads in some homes. One of the easiest ways to move into the maximalist style is to add shots of colour. The bedroom in this Costa Del Sol apartment gleams with pop art prints, a fun chrome pink bedside lamp and pretty lighting.

Image credits: Rezt & Relax Interior Design

If you really love colour, try adding it not only in accessories but also on the walls. The design team at Home Philosophy added multi-coloured stripes to the bedroom walls of this Waterfall Gardens apartment, then picked up the different shades in the beding to match.

Image credits: Home Philosophy

5. Add Textured or Wallpapered Walls

Another strong interior trend is to additional texture to your walls. Wallpaper is an easy way to do this, or you can create a strong focal point with feature walls covered in a variety of materials. In this One Robin apartment bedroom, the design team from Mr Shopper Studio used timber tiles to create a stunning textured headboard.

Image credits: Mr Shopper Studio

In order to add more life to a concrete wall, the design team at Free Space Intent chose to add decorative panels to the bedroom in this Aroozoo home. The pattern is taken from traditional Singapore window grills and fits into the retro feel of the whole room. The colour is fantastic as well.

Image credits: Free Space Intent

A fun way to add a personal touch to a bedroom is to use wallpaper with a large scale print like the one in this girl’s bedroom by Mr Shopper Studio in this Toa Payoh Apex apartment.

Image credits: Mr Shopper Studio

If you’re looking for a more textured and masculine style, go for the warmth of bricks. The design team at The Interior Lab created a fabulous brick wall in the bedroom of this Strathmore Avenue apartment that looks like it has always been there.

Image credits: The Interior Lab

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