Why have Conventional Space When you can Work from Home?

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Who needs an office when you can work from home? Modern home offices combine the best in commercial design with the comfort and accessibility of your own living space. 

The current trend for individual start-up brands, freelance and consulting work, as well as flexible work options means that many of us now need a professional level office set-up in our homes. Have a distinct difference between the ‘living’ spaces and the ‘working’ areas in our homes help to keep your work-life balance in check too. 

Here are some stylish examples of home office spaces that are as professional as they are attractive.

Minimal and Slick

The home office of this Bishan Street apartment offers the minimalist style of a hip, industrial company with its sleek timber furniture, clutter-free desktop and grey-toned walls.

The design team have emphasised the separation between home and office comes from the use of glass walls, and darker toned furniture and fittings in the living spaces.

Designed by: Free Space Intent

From the outside looking in, this Jurong West home office almost looks like a professional space in any high-end public office. The half-wall with windows, the stylish storage and double-seats give off a very professional vibe.

However if you look a little closer you can see that this home office is also home to a few very pampered furry friends. Who wouldn’t want to be able to work with their pets all-day? The interior design has cleverly incorporated fun toys and climbing frames for the cats into the storage options needed in a home office.

Designed by: Design 4 Space

Comfortable and Calm 

The soft and glamorous interior design scheme of this Tanglin Halt apartment creates a calm and comfortable space for both living and work. Subtly linked to the living space, the home office is simple and refined, disappearing into the background so it doesn’t make too much of an impact on the whole area.

This home office features clever built-in storage and a desk set into the wall so that additional furniture isn’t needed, make the space open and bright.

Designed by: Fineline Design

In this Ridgeview apartment you can see how the home office space has been designed to blend into the overall home interior scheme, with similar tone-on-tone colours and the use of timber for the built-in storage spaces. 

Probably the major difference between a home and a commercial space, however, is the relaxing daybed placed into this home office. It’s not likely you’d be able to take an afternoon nap at a normal workplace!

Designed by: Design 4 Space

Unique and Interesting

You don’t always have to have a separate room for your home office. In this AMK HDB apartment a work space has been created alongside the living area. 

The use of a built-in room divider has created a niche for work the seamlessly matches the interior design style.

Designed by: De Style Interior

For the owners of this Shelford Green apartment, the office function was actually more important than the living space. One section of the living area has been designed to look like a super stylish Scandinavian workspace.

Designed by: Liid Studio

Taking advantage of the greenery outside and inside, the design of this Bartley Residences home office and Pine Close is a unique way of using the living space of the apartment.

The interior design team cleverly added mirrors to the interior wall of storage cabinets so that the work space feels like you are sitting right in the garden; what could be a more relaxing way to work?

Designed by: IDID Pte Ltd

Designed by: Dyel Design

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