Use Your Sofa to Kick off Your Home Interior Style

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When it comes to buying furniture, the sofa is one of your most important, and sometimes most expensive, pieces to shop for. The style of your sofa will not only influence how comfortable you will be hanging out at home, but it also impacts on the overall interior design style of your home. 

Here are some great examples of how different kinds of sofas can influence the interior design of your home.

Vintage Vibes

The super cool retro 1960s sofa in this Bishan Street 23 apartment anchors the whole Old Time Singapore interior design style. The sofa matches with the other Mid-Century Modern furniture pieces, the old-style blocks and even the Coke vending machine!

Designed by: Fuse Concept

The amazing curved aqua Mid-Century Modern sofa is the epitome of the early 60s style that’s been revived in this Aroozoo home. The coloured sofas act as features in the otherwise simple room of white and glass, and the same tones are continued into the dining space; plus the tiles are amazing.

Designed by: Free Space Intent

Does this living room remind you of your grandparents’ home? The classic Mid-Century Modern leather sofa is the simple basis of this Bukit Merah View retro interior apartment. More obviously retro pieces like the old laminate chair and round telephone unit add to the whole fun feel of the apartment.

Designed by: Chapter B

Instead of a sofa, this Strathmore Avenue living space has some fabulous vintage occasional chairs instead. The mix of materials, and other retro and antique items creates a fabulous space that is perfect for hanging out with your friends and family, away from the TV.

Designed by: The Interior Lab

Rock ‘n’ Roll Style

Black and leather, what could be more rock ‘n’ roll? The two sofas in this 907 Jurong studio apartment have a mix of contemporary and Mid-Century styling but also create a dark, moody vibe that continues throughout the interior space.

Designed by: The Interior Lab

More leather, this time in a warmer brown tone, anchors the music-themed living space in this 37 Jalan Rumah Tinggi apartment. The slightly oversized, and comfy, feel of the sofa translates into a warm and friendly interior design style.

Designed by: Starry Homestead

Comfortable, Classic and Cozy

Rounded, soft and comfortably classic, the large sofa and two occasional chairs in this Edgedale Plains living room are perfect for a cozy home. The mix of soft colours and rounded shapes is friendly and welcoming.

Designed by: Free Space Intent

Who doesn’t love a great big squishy sofa? The large L-shaped sofa in the living room of this Park Green Condo has created the perfect space for Netflix ‘n’ Chill, and the basis of a comfortably classic home interior scheme.

Designed by: Meter Square

Another L-shaped sofa has been used in this contemporary Shore Residences apartment. Classic colours of cream with touches of blue and orange have been used to create a cozy, comfortable home.

Designed by: Home Philosophy

Sleek, Slick and Swanky

Modern and low-set, the slick sofa in this Amber Skye apartment creates a cool, 5-star feel for the rest of the interior design scheme.

Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

The lush, luxurious leather of this modern sofa is the highlight of this sharply styled Highline Residences apartment. Warm timber, gold details and elegant orchids continue the luxe interior design theme.

Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

The beautiful design of this Italian leather sofa is not only echoed in the stunning ceiling design, but also in the other fabulous modern furniture pieces in this Duo Residences apartment. The mix of dark colours with highlights of rust and cream just add to the overall sleek and swanky style of the interior.

Designed by: Free Space Intent

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