Top Tips On How To Make The Most Of Every Space In Your Home


We always need more room in our homes, even if it is just so we can add more decorative touches, or brighten up our living space. Here are some areas in your home that you might not have considered for additional storage, or as a spot for a stylish decorative embellishment. 

1. The Balcony

Balconies, patios, and other outdoor areas can often be overlooked when it comes to interior decorating. Here are some stylish ideas on how to add your personal style to these spaces.


Artificial Plant Wall

Create a low maintenance green wall on your balcony like the one in this Panorama apartment balcony. The plants can be real or fake, depending on how green your thumb is!

Image Credit: 19 Eighty Three

Extend Your Living Area 

Maximise your living space by connecting your former balcony area to your living room. Use the same flooring throughout to create a seamless flow. You would never think that the screened in area of this Veranda apartment was once an under-used balcony area.

Image Credit: The Interior Lab

Extend Your Dining Area

Another way to use a balcony space is to remove the wall to the living area and set up your dining table like the design team did in this Jaya Tower apartment. You will get a large dining area to hold big gatherings, without compromising on size of your living area.

Image Credit: Free Space Intent

2. The Staircase

Staircases often seem to take up too much space, but you can claim some of that space back by utilising the area under the staircase.


Hidden Shoe Cabinet

One of the most useful ways to make the most of a staircase is to build in some fabulous shoe storage, just like the series of cabinets in this S Residence apartment.


Image Credit: The Interior Lab

Shelves and Storage

Another popular use for the space under the staircase is to use it for fitted storage and shelves, like the ones in this Trilinq apartment.

Image Credit: Free Space Intent 

3. The Bay Window

If you are lucky enough to either have a bay window already, or the space to create one, take advantage of that bit of extra space for storage and more.


Extra Storage

A bay window area is the perfect place to create not only a relaxing space to chill out, but also to add additional storage like the designer did in the bedroom of this D’Almira apartment.

Image Credit: 0932


Every bit of extra space has been used in the bedroom of this Silversea apartment to create not only a window seat with storage, but also a neat desk area for study.

Image Credit: Mr Shopper Studio


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