9 amazing Singapore homes bursting with personality and style

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Gone are the days when interior design consisted of all-white-everything, inspired by Muji, or pale Scandinavian timber. Now our homes should be designed to showcase our personalities, hobbies and styles!

1. 227 Tampines Street

This stunningly colourful Tampines apartment designed by Fifth Avenue Interior, looks like Tokyo at night with its unique neon lighting.

The home is filled with vintage style finishes and fixtures, old-school decorative touches, and bright pops of colour. Different textures can be found all around the house, including cement floors and textured plaster walls, but it is the fun and clever tiling used in the bathroom that really stands out.

Image Credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

2. Eunos Crescent 

This Eunos Crescent apartment designed by Fuse Concept is an eclectic mix of natural materials, pops of colour, and quirky decorative accessories. In the kitchen the rustic neutral tones are mixed up with a fabulous shot of colour - the orange fridge against the green wall really makes a statement. More colour is used in the bedroom to create a sense of personality; the use of different textures - macrame, rattan, tiles, wood, leather - creates a homey atmosphere.

Image Credits: Fuse Concept

3. Amber Skye 

The modern glamorous interior of this Amber Skye apartment designed by Mr Shopper Studio, is luxurious by day, and funky by night. Embedded in the dining space is a complete DJ console that turns the living space into a stunning nighttime bar. Even the bedroom has a classy, club vibe with a low textured headboard of storage, and the full-length windows.

Image Credits: Mr Shopper Studio

4. Bukit Merah View

This Bukit Merah View HDB apartment has gone back in time with its hip and happening retro 70s interior design by Chapter B. Even the kitchen has that 70s feel with its open boxed shelving, timber cabinets and funky tiled backsplash; the lime green and orange accents only add to the overall retro vibe. In the bedroom the style continues, but with a more modern edge so you don’t feel like you are living completely with your grandparents.

Image Credits: Chapter B 

5. Jalan Rumah Tinggi

The country-industrial style of this Jalan Rumah Tinggi apartment by Starry Homestead has the perfect vibe for a musician. The mix of barn doors, brick walls, and exposed steel pipes makes this apartment the perfect bachelor-pad space to rock out in. In the bedroom the industrial style continues, with metal shelving, track lighting and another cool barn door.

Image Credits: Starry Homestead

6. Pasir Ris

Let your hobbies become decorative items in your home. The owner of this Pasir Ris apartment has made is love of scooters a highlight of the interior design scheme created by Design 4 Space.

The central feature of the living room is the scooter wine rack that even lights up; it is balanced by pale walls and simple furniture pieces. In the kitchen the industrial vibe given off by the scooter furniture pieces continues with the use of scooter exhaust pipes to create a fun lighting fixture.

Image Credits: Design 4 Space

7. Sengkang East Road

Mix and match your interior design style. The decor of this Sengkang East Road apartment designed by Meter Square mixes a minimalist vibe overall with touches of maximalism using a chandelier and a rich textured rug. The warmth of the timber and lighting complements the more industrial style of the concrete coated walls and ceiling. The addition of a stunning tree trunk brings nature into the space, while not allowing it to take over.

Image Credits: Meter Square

8. Tampines

Use your furniture collection in a whole new way. The owner of this Tampines apartment has mixed up serious Mid Century Modern furniture pieces with fun retro decorative touches. The use of retro materials like the glass brick dividing wall in the master bedroom not only looks cool, but it has a practical use too, allowing more light to filter into the space. Victorian patterned tiles have been used in a completely modern way in the kitchen to create a strikingly graphic and modern counterpoint to the retro furniture and fixtures.

Image Credits: The Design Practice

9. Punggol Field 

Just because you’re living in Singapore, you don’t need to have to miss out on old fashioned style. The design of this Punggol Field apartment by Black N White Haus Interiors, has an actual fireplace! While the fireplace might not be operational, it makes a stunningly elegant statement and creates a focal point for the living area. The European country style continues even in the bathroom with Victorian tiles, marble and a gilt-framed mirror.

Image Credits: Black N White Haus Interior

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