Tips and Tricks to make your house 'Netflix and Chill' friendly


These days you are just as likely to find Singaporeans sitting back to ‘Netflix and Chill’ at home as you are to see them out and about. Binge watching the latest cool dramas or entertainment shows is the modern way to relax at home. 

To have the best Netflix and Chill experience, however, you need your home interior design to have comfortable seating, great lighting, and you will find it is even better if you can ‘dine and Netflix’ too. 

Here are some great examples of how good interior design choices can help you create the perfect home interior environment so you can just sit back and Netflix and Chill.

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1. Comfort

If you have the space, create a super cosy entertainment room that will fit the entire family and lots of friends with dedicated sofas, extra floor cushions and a lush floor rug, like this luxurious Jewel Lux apartment designed by 19 Eighty Three.

Image Credit: 19 Eighty Three

In the bedroom, go for luxury staycation vibes with deep colours like metallic purple and black, and create built-ins to ensure you have enough storage too. The luxe look of this Jewel Lux bedroom is perfect for long days and nights spent watching your favourite programmes.

Image Credit: 19 Eighty Three

When creating a dedicated viewing room, keep the style in tune with the overall design of the home; the colour palette and textures of this Joo Chiat media room have been chosen to match the rest of the home.

Image Credit: Dyel

The entertainment space doesn’t have to take over the whole room. The clever built-in storage in this Alexander View living room includes space for a home bar, decorative display niches and lots of hidden storage.

Image Credit: Starry Homestead

Another clever use of space to create an entertainment area is to convert staircases into ‘walls’ for mounting your screen; the design for this Canberra two story apartment has a closed in banister that is the perfect spot for mounting all the electronic stuff needed for the perfect Netflix and Chill experience

Image Credit: 19 Eighty Three

2. Lighting

The right lighting is also very important when it comes to creating the perfect Netflix and Chill set up in your home. If the light is too harsh, or too dark, you could end up damaging your eyes. The perfect option - if you are lucky enough - is to use natural daylight, like in this Panorama apartment.

Image Credit: 19 Eighty Three

If you can’t use natural light, try dedicated task lighting; the screen in this Parclife apartment has its own spotlight for better viewing.

Image Credit: 19 Eighty Three

Another way to ensure you have enough light for your Netflix and Chill sessions is to set up track lighting above your entertainment centre; the living room in this Ghim Moh apartment has relatively small windows, so track lighting has been added above the screen.

Image Credit: The Design Practice

3. Dining

Like to eat and watch? When you design your entertainment area you can also ensure that you can see the screen from your dining table for a totally inclusive vibe. This Highline Residences apartment has an open plan living and dining area that allows a good view while you are chowing down on your favourite food.

Image Credit: 19 Eighty Three

If you have a large family who likes to hang out at your home, creating a dining area that also allows everyone to see the screen adds to your seating options; this Woodlands apartment has a massive dining table right in the living room offering lots of seating options.

Image Credit: 19 Eighty Three

Another way to create somewhere to snack while you Netflix and Chill is to add a small bar with stools in the living space, like this Punggol field apartment. 

Image Credit: Project Guru

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