Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home


When the new year comes around we all start thinking about how we can make it better than the previous year. We think about our health, fitness, maybe getting a new job … But what about your home? In 2020 we want to help you make your apartment your dream home with the top five things you can improve so your home can help you achieve some of your new year goals.

1.    A clean, uncluttered house

One of the easiest ways to make your life easier - freeing up time to do the things you really want to do - is to have a less cluttered home. Investing in some great storage options like this Sumang Lane bedroom’s walk-in wardrobe will help you not only keep your things clean and organised, but will save you time choosing your #ootd too. The shelves also work as a display cabinet, and help separate the two functions of the room.

Image credits: Adroit Interior Design

Matching your built-in shelves to your interior design scheme is a great way to ensure that they become a design feature, and not just somewhere to shove your things. The pale timber of the storage system in this Newton apartment complements the overall colour scheme; and the various sized shelves create a decorative element. A full wall of storage doesn’t have to be filled up completely, but it does offer you heaps of space for your future purchases.


Image credits: Dyel Design


If you don’t have the space, or the desire for a full wall of shelving, you can also create storage that is more minimal, but still useful, like the stylish shelving unit in this Brownstone apartment. Keeping items like storage off the floor helps to create an illusion of more space and frees up the floor for furniture.

Image credits: Design Chapterz

2.    Eat out less! Cook more!

Not only will you save money, but cooking at home more often can also help you hit your health and fitness goals. Focus on your kitchen by creating a fun, comfortable and practical space to help improve your cooking skills. This colourful kitchen in Eunos Crescent is a great example.


Image credits: Fuse Concept

Your new kitchen doesn’t have to be completely redone; think about refreshing the space by painting your kitchen cabinets - the blue and gold mix of this Garden Vista kitchen is stylish and expensive looking. Or change the lighting in your kitchen and add a handy overhead rack for glasses.


Image credits: Space Define Interior

If you are thinking of redesigning your kitchen space, think about adding an island bench that not only creates more storage, but also adds a space for your friends and family to hang out at. The kitchen of this Sumang Lane apartment offers great seating so you can chat and cook at the same time.


Image credits: Adroit Interior Design

3.    Mental health comes first!

Mental health and wellness is an important goal to have so invest in a calming space so you can work on your inner peace. Pale and cool tones, plants and natural materials can all help make this happen.


Image credits: 0932

Plants are great decorative items, but they can also help boost your mental health, relieve stress and give you a calming activity to do at home. You don’t have to live in a jungle, even a few small plants like in this No. 9 apartment, can help.


Image credits: 0932

Choose muted palettes and furniture made from natural materials to create a soothing and calming home. This resort-like Gangsa Road apartment is the perfect example.


Image credits: Juz Interior Pte Ltd

You could also create a dedicated space in your home for drinking calming teas with your friends and family members like the example in this Ang Mo Kio apartment.

Image credits: Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Group

4.    Start a new hobby, or focus on an old one

Hobbies make us happy, so add signs of your hobby to your home. Hanging your expensive bicycle on the wall not only creates storage and acts as a conversation starter, it will also remind you to take it off the wall and get out more.


Image credit: Neu Konceptz

It doesn’t have to be some sort of high performance technology either; the family bike on the wall of this Punggol Walk apartment, not only matches the decor but looks cute too.


Image credit: Free Space Intent


If music is your thing, hang your instruments and favourite albums as both decoration and as a reminder to practice. The lounge room in this Jalan Rumah Tinggi home looks almost like a music studio.


Image credit: Starry Homestead 


For the book lovers among us you can very easily use your hobby to decorate your home; the beautiful timber bookshelves in this Edgedale Plains apartment is not only great to look at, and a clever storage option, but it also makes it easy to indulge in a long read with a great set of perfectly placed chairs.


Image credit: Free Space Intent

5.    Invite people over to hang out

Turn your home into a fun bar or cafe with the right type of furniture, a bold sign and lots of seating that your friends will enjoy. This Punggol Bayview apartment designed has a stylish Hong Kong speakeasy vibe, perfect for a party.

Image credits: Fuse Concept

Make the most of your home’s outdoor space by using plants to create a cool and comfy space for your guests to enjoy. The green wall of this Panorama apartment helps the balcony space from feeling too hot.


Image credits: 19 Eighty Three 

Want your own home cafe? Create a cute dining space like this Luxe Au Pastel version and you might find that your friends never want to leave!


Image credit: Mr Shopper Studio 

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