Lucky colours to use in your home for 2020


For the new lunar year of the rat, add some lucky colours, use lucky numbers and look to your Chinese zodiac symbol and Feng Shui to ensure you have a fantastic year. For the Year of the Rat 2020, choose one of these less obvious colours to bring health, happiness and luck to your home.


The colour blue, seen in this Garden Vista apartment kitchen, represents harmony, peace and lightness. 

Image Credit: Space Define Interior

The various shades of blue in this Upper Boon Keng apartment shows how using this colour can also have a calming effect in your home.

Image Credit: Dots 'N' Tots Interior Group

Even paler shades of blue used in your home, like in this modern Ubi Avenue apartment kitchen, can add to the overall wellbeing of your home.

Image Credit: The Interior Lab


For feelings to do with wisdom, solidity and compromise, choose a shade of grey, like the subtle tones of this 55 Amore apartment.

Image Credit: Lemonfridge Studio

Luckily grey is also a neutral colour that is easy to live with. The various shades of grey in this Martin 38 studio apartment both look great, and gives off a sense of stability.

Image Credit: 0932

The grey tones used in this Bukit Batok West apartment impart a soothing vibe that makes it easy to be wise and considered.

Image Credit: Fifth Avenue Interior


Purple, with its undertone of lucky red, is a great way to engender a luxurious and rich vibe in your home. Paler shades, like the lavender in this Punggol apartment create a more feminine feel.

Image Credit: The Design Practice

You can use layers of purple shades to create a luxe and vibrant feeling your home, like the effect created in this Cityview apartment.

Image Credit: Fuse Concept

Purple is also good for creative personalities, like the music room in this Penaga apartment.

Image Credit: Neu Konceptz


White represents clarity and cleanliness, which is why it is so often used in kitchens - like the one in this Yung Kuang Road apartment - and bathrooms.

Image Credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

As a calm, neutral colour, white is also good for bedrooms, like the one in this Ang Mo Kio apartment.

Image Credit: Areana Creation

An all-white home interior, like this Trillium apartment, creates a bright, reflective space, that pleases the eye and brings light to every corner.

Image Credit: Neu Konceptz

For a simple, calm space to mediate for clarity and clearness, an all-white space with touches of nature can be extremely welcoming, like the area in this Hola apartment

Image Credit: 0932


Green has long been considered to be the most soothing colour for not only our eyes, but also for our mental health. A darker shade of green gives off a cool and relaxed vibe, like in this Eunos Crescent apartment.

Image Credit: Fuse Concept

Adding indoor plants to your home will not only have a therapeutic effect on your wellbeing, but is also a major interior design trend. This Tampines apartment echoes the natural colours of the plant on the wall behind.

Image Credit: Voila

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