Renovation budget under $30,000? Here are some stylish home ideas!

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It is amazing what you can do with only $30,000 to renovate your home. Here are nine stylish, fresh and modern Singapore HBD apartments that have been totally renovated for less than $30,000. Each apartment’s interior design has made the most of affordable tools like colourful furniture, different textures and even indoor plants to create these homes for under S$30,000.

HDB under $30,000

1) 461D Bukit Batok West - $26,000

This cool Bukit Batok West apartment uses a strong yellow to create interest and visual texture in its mix of monochrome whites and greys. The large windows have been lightly dressed to allow lots of natural light into the room without adding too much glare. The yellow contrast continues into the dining space with a golden-toned table and chairs, and gold coloured pendant lights. More texture is used in the flooring to separate the kitchen space from the dining and living areas. In the bathroom the use of different textures continues, this time in a bolder way with fun patterned tiles combined with timber-look tiles. The gold tones from the main space continue with gold-toned hardware and mirror.

Image Credit: Fineline Design

2) 233A Matilda Court - $20,000

The calm Scandinavian style home at Matilda Court was totally updated for only $20,000. Clever ideas like creating a seating area that doubles as storage, and the use of pale timber throughout gives the space a clean and streamlined look. The addition of fun cushions and other soft furnishings creates and individual and cosy space. The calm and welcoming look continues into the modern kitchen, with the continuation of pale timber and clean white cabinets and tiles. The open shelving is a great spot to store pretty crockery or cooking books. To break up the volume of white and pale timber in this kitchen, fun utensils are a welcome spot of colour.

Image Credit: The Minimalist Society

3) Sun Natura - $28,000

The basic neutral tones of this Sun Natura HDB apartment have been brightened up with the use of colourful wallpaper in the dining area, which also acts as a feature wall for the open plan living space. Replacing one wall of the study area with glass allows lots more natural light to flow into the interior and main living space. The large gold framed mirror in the living area is an easy way to create the illusion of  more space. It’s practical too.

Image Credit: The Interior Lab

4) 673B Yishun Avenue 4 - $24,000

The overall style of this Yishun Avenue 4 apartment has a Muji-inspired vibe; added touches of black create a subtle contrast and adds depth to the various spaces. The entryway is defined by the use of colourful patterned tiles, creating a great space for storing shoes and other bits and pieces. Fantastic built-in seating serves as more additional storage, saving more space and creating lots of extra room for friends and family.

Image Credit: Voila

Condo under $30,000

1) Treasure Crest - $30,000

Lots of white, pale timber and soft pastel coloured furniture in this Treasure Crest apartment creates a warm Scandinavian vibe. Touches of colour in the form of abstract art and bright green indoor plants continue the cozy Scandinavian theme in the entryway and dining area of the apartment. The master bedroom has a wash of pale colour that contrasts with the stronger, golden-toned timber floors. The pastel tones continue with the rose gold pendant lights and abstract artwork above the bed.

Image Credit: Home Philosophy 

2) The Palette - $20,000

This stylish apartment in The Palette only cost S$20,000 to renovate; the use of metals and other mixed materials has created an industrial style interior design that makes the most of the large windows. The use of reflective materials in the narrow dining area helps to create the illusion of more space, and leads the eye to the colourful kitchen. In the bedroom, a mixture of textures have been used on the walls to create an enveloping space that is both stylish and cozy.

Image Credit: Design Chapterz

3) Duo Residences - $15,000

A very stylish makeover of this Duo Residences apartment for only S$15,000 has been done using furniture and soft furnishings in bright colours and reflective surfaces set against white walls and floors, and making the most of the natural lights available. In the entrance way a stunning teal coloured Chinese credenza makes a strong and stylish statement. The dining area has been defined by the use of an impactful wallpaper; the dark blue colour is contrasts prettily with the pale blue velvet furniture pieces. Leading into the kitchen area two teal velvet and gold-toned bar stools; the teal colour echoes the furniture piece in the entryway. The same gold touches can also be seen throughout the entire apartment giving it a luxe and glamorous feel.

Image Credit: Home Philosophy

4) Jalan Kembangan - $24,000

The industrial interior design theme of this Jalan Kembangan apartment mixes materials like concrete and timber to create a cool-toned and practical space. The sliding door adds a touch of modern glamour to the living space. 

Image Credit: United Team Lifestyle Pte Ltd

5) Waterfall Gardens - $25,000

This stunning Waterfall Gardens apartment makes the most of bright jewel-toned furniture, rugs, lighting and plants to create a fun spot for family and friends. The dining and kitchen spaces are a little more restrained with more muted colours highlighted by pale timber, pops of gold and more plants. Brilliant colour returns in the master bedroom. The walls are detailed with bright stripes of colour, with matching bedding, pale timber and yet more fantastic indoor plants.

Image Credit: Home Philosophy

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