Minimalist or Maximalist Home Design Lovers


When it comes to interior design trends, there are two main perspectives - minimalist, and maximalist. 

Minimalist design is all about sharp lines, white, black and other neutral colours, simple furniture, and no clutter. Minimalism is also popular with people who follow Marie Kondo or who love modern materials and new technology. 

Maximalist style, on the other hand, is basically the opposite of Minimalism. More colours, textures and details; lots of greenery, a preference for traditional or antique furniture styles, lots of timber and a fondness for decorative objects can be seen in Maximalist interior design schemes. 

Here are some examples of the two design schools. Which is your design style, Minimalist or Maximalist? 

Minimalist Interior Design

1. G Masionette

This G Maisonette apartment designed by 0932 is an almost perfect example of the Minimalist aesthetic with its all-white interior highlighted with black and featuring bare walls, simple flooring and only a few touches of texture.

The furniture chosen for this Minimalist look is very modern with a low profile and slim metal used for framework and the legs of the sofa. Decoration is kept to an absolute minimum.

Image credits: 0932

2. St George

Although there have been some colours added, the overall design of this St George apartment also fits the Minimalist design style. The simple white walls, streamlined furniture and window coverings, and the focus on technology all tie into the Minimalist aesthetic.

While there is artwork in this apartment, the modernist lines and muted colours, combined with a general lack of clutter also fits the Minimalist bill.

Image credits: KDOT Associates

3. Ang Mo Kio

Minimalist doesn’t always have to be all-white-everything. Another popular type of Minimalism is the ‘Muji’ or Japanese style, like this Ang Mo Kio apartment, which uses soft colours and pale timber.

The use of built-in furniture is a clever way to stop the interior space from being too cluttered.

Image credits: Dots 'N' Tots Interior Group

4. Sumang Lane

Adding black as a detail colour to an otherwise white space creates a sophisticated Minimalist edge in this Sumang Lane apartment.

The use of metal furniture is an easy way to add a strong Minimalist feel to an interior space; restricting the decorative pieces to simple shapes with no clutter will also give the room a more Minimalist vibe.

Image credits: KDOT Associates

Maximalist Interior Design

1. Choa Chu Kang

Mixing colour, texture and decorative pieces together creates a warm, Maximalist interior design scheme, like the one in this Choa Chu Kang apartment designed by IDID. The leather sofa, cowskin rug and timber feature wall in particular create a fun, Maximalist vibe.

Image credits: IDID Pte Ltd

2. Edgedale Plains

For a calmer vibe, but one still full of texture and warmth, the use of colour and soft furnishings in this Edgedale Plains apartment creates a homey style of Maximalist design. The bookshelf is a fabulous way to add colour and decorative items to the space without making the room feel too busy or untidy.

Image credits: Free Space Intent

3. Bukit Timah

The use of a strong colour mixed with natural textures and highlight shades in this Bukit Timah condo creates a fun, Maximalist and family-friendly vibe. 

The dining and kitchen space continues on the Maximalist theme with more built-in storage with display areas for decorative touches, plus a patterned tile floor in the kitchen that is complementary to the rug.

Image credits: Black N White Haus Interior

4. Sophia Hill

Rich, contrasting colours and textures in this Sophia Hill apartment creates a fun, Maximalist home. The strong orange and deep blue give off a cool Mid-Century modern vibe.

By adding black metal as a feature detail and trim into the Maximalist interior scheme, the orange, timber and deep blue don’t feel too overwhelming. The addition of simple flooring also helps to balance out the Maximalist design.

Image credits: Fuse Concept

5. The Draycott

This apartment in The Draycott has a fabulous traditional, glamorous vibe that mixes Maximalism with touches of modernity. Stunning antique furniture and artwork become features in the interior space; the use of multiple, antique lights add to the luxurious vibe.

Image credits: Areana Creation

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