Stunning Houses That Welcome The Sunlight

Having lots of sunlight filtering into your home is a sure way to create a warm, comfortable and well-lit space to live in.

Plan your interior design to ensure that lots of light comes in, but also make sure that you are not letting in too much heat at the same time. Light is great, but if it is too hot, then you’ll end up using a lot more energy with your airconditioning switched to high. 

1. 117B Jalan Tenteram 

The design of this Jalan Tenteram apartment makes great use of floor-to-ceiling windows by using slim blinds to adjust the amount of sunlight, and the angle it enters the room.

In the dining space beside the main living area, the designers have continued the use of large windows dressed with blinds to allow sunlight into a space that could be rather gloomy otherwise.

Designed by: Elpis Interior Design

2. 217D Sumang Walk 

The same concept of floor-to-ceiling windows dressed with blinds has also been used in the design of this Sumang Walk apartment

The addition of a glass-walled room also ensures that lots of sunlight can reach into the centre of the living space and the kitchen area.

Designed by: Elpis Interior Design

3. No 9 SG 

Another way to bring sunlight into a room, without too much glare and heat, is to use lightweight, sheer curtains as in this No 9 apartment

Using large swathes of white walls, ceilings and flooring extends the reach of the sunlight, helping to reflect it into the interior spaces.

Another clever use of built-ins enabled the kitchen space to open up completely to let the sun shine in. Using hidden storage for all the appliances adds to the streamlined design, allowing the sunlight to reflect back into the main living space.

Designed by: 0932

4. Bishan Summit 

Another clever way to let the sunlight in but keep the heat out is to add a large external canopy to your balcony like the one at this Bishan Summit apartment

Opening up the entire living space to the outdoors brings in cool breezes and sunlight right into the center of the apartment.

Designed by: Schemacraft

5. 558D Ang Mo Kio

If you are on a high floor you can do away completely with any sort of window covering to create the lightest, brightest living space like this Ang Mo Kio apartment bedroom. 

The same apartment has also used very sheer blinds in the living space that can be completely rolled up to let in as much sunlight as you want.

Designed by: KDOT Associates

6. Eunos Crescent 

This Eunos Crescent apartment uses a combination of different types of glass to make sure the sunlight can penetrate all the way through to the centre of the living space.

The apartment also uses internal glass doors to bring the sunlight from the external windows into a corridor area that is used as a dining space.

Designed by: Fuse Concept

7. 213A Punggol Walk 

Here is another apartment design that makes the most of its external floor-to-ceiling windows by using slimline blinds and the addition of a glass-walled room to bring in as much sunlight as possible.

This Punggol Walk apartment also uses a half-glass wall in the bedroom space to help the sunlight get from the external windows deeper into the room to brighten up a study area.

Designed by: Starry Homestead

8. The Esta 

If you have a fabulous view you shouldn’t hide it away behind heavy curtains or blinds. This apartment at The Esta keeps the window dressing to a minimum to ensure lots of sunlight gets in, and the use of reflective polished flooring helps to bounce that light further into the space.

On the other side of the living space, the fully glass wall to the balcony has been kept completely bare of curtains or blinds to ensure the sunlight streams right in. 

Designed by: The Interior Lab

9. Martin 38 by 0932

This stunning Martin 38 apartment not only has floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors combined with super sheer curtains to let the sunlight in, it also has mirrored walls to reflect even more light into and around the apartment.

The apartment design has also inserted clear glass windows to separate substantial architectural features and allowing more sunlight to enter into the living space. 

Designed by: 0932

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