Founded by a team of passionate and experienced creative directors. SCHEMACRAFT believes in providing their clients with the best consultation, service and craftmanship to achieve the best design and functionality. 

​With their high attentiveness to details and trustworthiness, many of their clients learnt about them through word of mouth. 

The key to great design is to understand, translate and reflect the client's personality, tastes and preferences into his living space. 


- Design Consultancy 
​Schemacraft assists clients to envision, plan and outfit spaces complimenting both beauty and functionality. 

We balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect the clients' lifestyle, setting the desired mood, complement the home's architectural features. 

- Concept Development 
​We meet with our clients regularly especially at the initial stages to help generate new ideas and finalize design decisions together with our clients. 

​We are happy to either take full ownership of the entire design process or to work with you to execute your design vision. 

- Home Decoration 
Apart from interior designing, we also provide project management, budgeting, and renovation services for clients who wish to materialize their own preferred design from blueprints. 

- Execution 
​Our excellent execution of renovation projects, timely completion and flexibility to cater to a diverse range of budgets have won the praises of our clients. Our trusted commitment to our clients does not just end with the handover of keys, but we follow-through with a one year warranty as a quality assurance on our work. 

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    201 Henderson Road #05-27/28 APEX@Henderson

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