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For people with a creative personality, or those who love art, music and fashion, having an interesting, unique and stylish home is a must. 

So when it comes to your interior design style, think about the artists you admire, the colours of your favourite paintings, or the textures of a piece of clothing that you love to wear. Take these ideas and combine them with your hobbies or collections to create an interior design scheme that matches your creative personality.

For more inspiration, look to these artistic Singapore homes for some creative ideas. 

Home as an Art Gallery

Whether you are a painter yourself, or an art collector, one of the easiest ways to show your creative personality at home is to use your living space as an art gallery of all your favourite artworks. In this Chai Chee Street apartment the homeowner has used their art collection of paintings, sculptures and ceramics to decorate their space.

Using every inch of the apartment, the homeowner has created intimate personalised spaces to show off their own creativity, as well as that of the artists they admire.

Even the way the dining table is set shows off the creative personality of the homeowner, with collections of small artworks used to decorate the table setting; the great use of art lamps also highlight major artwork, while blending into the overall artistic theme of the home’s interior design.
Designed by: Design Chapterz

An Architectural Aspect

The design of this Duo Residences apartment shows off major architectural chops with stunning, large scale architectural features, the sit beautifully alongside major art works. In the main living space the architectural feature on the ceiling is echoed in the oval shapes of the ottoman and coffee table.

A stunning piece of stone has been used as full wall decorative piece that highlights the Mid-Century Modern style furniture, and offers another organic note to the overall interior design.
Designed by: Free Space Intent

The Graphically Industrial

A love for graphic design and typography shows off the homeowner’s creative personality in this Parc Oasis apartment. The use of graphic lines, different fonts and simple concrete gives this home a funky industrial vibe.
Even the bathroom has a creative aspect, with faux metal plate flooring, exposed factory style plumbing and a fun illustration.
Designed by: Adroit Interior Design

Feathers, Fashion and Fun

If your style is glamorous, OTT, feminine and fashionable, go all out and design a fabulous boudoir of luxury fabrics, feathers and fantastic furniture like this Woodlands condo
Look for sumptuous fabrics like velvet and silk to adorn your bed, add mirrored and metallic furniture pieces to reflect the luscious colours. Add touches of gold, and a chandelier is always a good idea. For a truly fashionable feeling, create a salon space in your home for storing your favourite fashion pieces, or turn the space into your personal walk-in wardrobe.
Designed by: Fifth Avenue Interior

Minimalist Oriental Elegance

For more masculine style, choose a monochrome scheme of black and white, then add touches of creativity via splashes of one strong colour combined with classical art work. In this Aalto Condo apartment touches of bright red perfectly complement the Chinese artwork and artisan designs to create a modern and contemporary look. Don’t be afraid to mix contemporary and antique furniture together to create an interior space that fits your creative personality.

Designed by: Fuse Concept

A Wonder in White

For a contemporary take on historical European design, go white. In this apartment, the opulent style of the Late Baroque and Rococo periods are given a modern twist with lashings of white-on-white. This Yung Kuang Road apartment is a perfect blend of delicate historical furniture mixed with contemporary colours. The Millennial Pink chandelier is a perfect creative statement. The pristine purity of this interior perfectly captures the homeowner’s creative personality.
Designed by: Fifth Avenue Interior

Modern Mid-Century Mondrian

Mixing up the classic concepts of Mid-Century Modern, this home is bursting with blocks of colour combined with a particularly Peranakan use of multi-coloured tiles; a creative mash-up of modern and Mondrian. 

The bedroom of this Aroozoo apartment continues the Mid-Century theme but the focus is more on the Singaporean aspects with graphic tiles and antique Chinese furniture.

This dining space is sure to remind you of old Singapore kopitiams, and void decks with its colourful floor tiles and half-brick walls.

Even the bathroom of this creatively colourful home gets the artistic treatment with tiles that look like they are straight from a Peranakan house.

Designed by: Free Space Intent

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