Room Dividers That Will Catch Your Undivided Attention

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Open plan living spaces remain popular in most Singapore homes, but sometimes you want to create a sense of separation for different areas and uses. This is where the room divider comes into its own.

Room or space dividers can be made of a variety of materials - from timber to fish tanks - but their purpose is the same, to divide a larger space into more intimate areas for specific tasks. You can also use room dividers to screen and hide away messy areas like the entryway or utility areas. 

Here are four stylish types of room dividers you can add into your interior design scheme to not only give the impression of different spaces, but to also add a touch of your own personal taste.

Timber Room Dividers

Timber is a fantastic choice for creating a room divider as it is available in a wide variety of sizes, weights and finishes. You can use a combination of solid timber pieces and lattice work like in this Yishun Street apartment by Fifth Avenue Interior. The small screen is next to the entryway, allowing for messy shoes to be hidden from view, while also separating out the living area.Designed by: Fifth Avenue Interior 

In this Bedok North apartment a timber screen of geometrically cut pieces has been cleverly used to separate the entertainment space from the dining and kitchen area; this is a great way to break up an open plan design without losing the feeling of lightness and space.Designed by: StyleMySpace Pte Ltd

In this Upper Changi apartment’s version, the room divider has been combined with a cupboard for shoe storage, as well as decorative shelves and a space for storing keys and showing off photos. It also works as a way to separate the entrance from the rest of the open plan living space.Designed by: MMJ Design Loft

Room dividers can also be used on a larger scale, as in this design by Dyel Design Interior at The Pinnacle Duxton. Behind the large planks of timber is a unique tatami tea room; while separate from the rest of the living space, it is not completely cut off.Designed by: Dyel Design

Behind the dark timber screen divider in this D Evelyn apartment is the sofa and living space; the divider separates the dining area without losing too much light from the large glass door at the end of the apartment.Designed by: Dyel Design

The fun colourful boxes set into the pale timber room divider of this Punggol Central apartment add personality to the space. The boxes create an area to display family photos and other decorative items.Designed by: Fifth Avenue Interior

Glass Room Dividers

We have already shown how you can use glass in your home to create light-filled living spaces, but you can also use glass for internal room dividers. In this Compassvale Crescent apartment the half-glass wall offers separation from the rest of the living area without losing access to sunlight.Designed by: Meter Square

A fully glass room divider like the one in this Pasir Ris Grove apartment can be used as a decorative way to visually separate living and dining spaces.Designed by: Starry Homestead

When it comes to separating out the various functions of a room - like this bedroom and ensuite - a glass room divider is a clever choice. Not only does it ensure the room doesn’t feel too small, it also allows light to filter through into the whole space.Designed by: The Design Practice

Concrete & Brick Room Dividers

Concrete and bricks - or concrete bricks like the ones in this Tampines Greenlace apartment - are a great way to introduce some industrial or retro style into your home design. These concrete bricks have been used to divide the entryway from the main living space, but they also add texture and creativity.Designed by: Fuse Concept

The master bedroom of this Havelock Road apartment has a concrete room divider that hides away the wardrobes while also acting as a statement bedhead.Designed by: Free Space Intent

The textured red bricks in this Costa Ris apartment have been used to not only create separation from the entryway, but also because of their strength they can be used to suspend an entertainment unit on the other side.Designed by: Design Chapterz

Fish Tanks, Shelves & Cupboards as Room Dividers

If you need something to divide up your living space, like a room divider, you don’t have to just think in two dimensions. Since you are already adding a built-in of some sort to the space you can also use this opportunity to create more storage - like in this Anchorvale apartment.Designed by: Elpis Interior Design

And if you have enough space for storage, or if you just really love fish, you can insert a stunning fish tank into the built-ins to create a lively room divider that is always in motion, like this Mimosa Place version.Designed by: The Design Practice

Why not do both? Add storage and a fish tank to your room divider like the one in this Jalan Teck Whye apartment, and you have the best of both worlds.Designed by: Areana Creation

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