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One way to ensure your home matches your personality is to include touches of inspiration from some of your favourite countries and cultures. Be inspired by the glamour of the US, the pared-back elegance of Japan, or the casual warmth of a beautiful Bali villa, when you choose your interior design scheme. 

Here are some beautiful examples of how Singaporean home-owners have used the world’s historical buildings and interiors to add depth and details to their apartments. 

Elegant Europe

European style can really be separated into two distinct types - the more traditional version with influence from France’s provincial chateaus for England’s Victorian terraces; or the very modern Mid-Century looks of Germany’s Bauhaus.

This Punggol Field home harks back to the more traditional version of European style with classic furniture shapes, muted colours and the creation of a faux fireplace as a feature.

Designed by: Black N White Haus Interior

For more modernist version of European style, this Martin 38 studio apartment pulls inspiration from the brutalist use concrete, combined with monochrome colours and functional Bauhaus inspired furniture.

Designed by: 0932

The design of this The Draycott apartment is a mix of Victorian style with touches of traditional Chinese influence with the use of elegant timber furniture.

Designed by: Areana Creation

If you don’t want to be too obvious with your choice of inspiration, a modernised version of traditional themes, a Dawson apartment is another way to show off your style but in a more livable way.

Designed by: Chapter B

Minimalist Japan

When we think of Japanese interiors we either imagine the very traditional version of low-set furniture, tatami flooring and sliding shoji screens. However, more recently the ‘new’ version of Japanese interior design can be best described as warm minimalism, or ‘everything from Muji’.

In Singapore the minimal, timber focused version of Muji style is super popular. The streamlined, pale timber detailing of this D'Almira Singapore apartment is an elegant version of the ‘Muji’ style.

Designed by: 0932

For those of you who are looking for a perfect recreation of traditional Japanese design, you will love this apartment in The Trizon.

Designed by: Fineline Design

For an interesting combination of modern design and Japanese interiors, this stunning minimalist TT Apartment is a great example.

Designed by: 0932

Classical China

In Singapore, we have a general understanding of the details that make up Chinese interior style; many of us have parents and grandparents who already own lots of teak furniture, scroll paintings and lacquer paintings. But that’s not the limit of Chinese style. There are lots of ways to add classical Chinese design items to modern homes to create a stunning home.

Using beautiful antique furniture and art - inherited or not - is an easy way to add touches of Chinese style to your home, like in this Country Park condo.

Designed by: Meter Square

Chinese details can also be used in a more Singaporean way. The interior design of this Bukit Merah View HDB apartment is all about ‘old time’ Singapore with its mix of Mid-Century Modern furniture with classic Chinese items.

Designed by: Chapter B

Modern design can also give a nod to classic Chinese design motifs with not a touch of red or gold in sight.

Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

Classic Chinese style can also offer a more natural, almost Scandinavian vibe if you focus on using timber and natural colour schemes, like this Orchard Court apartment.

Designed by: Chapter B

Textures of Thailand

Who hasn’t enjoyed a wonderful relaxing, indulgent experience in Thailand? Thai design combines the traditional timber-focused style of more historical design with the sumptuous glamour of its international luxury hotels.

This 218 Loyang Valley apartment is a beautiful blend of traditional Thai pieces like sculptures and carved timber, with leather couches and full-length glass.

Designed by: The Interior Lab

You could also make a more subtle nod to your Thai inspiration with a stunning piece of art like this one in a Chai Chee apartment.

Designed by: Aart Boxx Interior

Beautiful Bali 

Who doesn’t love a Bali villa experience? As one of the most popular places for Singaporeans to visit it is obvious why we would want to add a touch of Bali style to our homes. You can buy all your furniture from Bali to add the vibe to your apartment, or when you renovate you could feature timber, bamboo, natural linen and stone to get the same style.

This Seletar Spring condo has been decorated with beautiful pieces of Balinese art dotted around the living space combined with warm, natural fabrics.

Designed by: De Style Interior

You can create your own version of the Bali villa vibe by using handcrafted timber furniture, touches of rich colour and rattan details on your furniture.

Don’t forget to continue the Bali style into your bathrooms as well; mixing timber, marble and stone with lots of greenery is sure to work.

Designed by: Home Philosophy

Glamorous United States

In the US there are so many different styles of interior design to choose from that it can be hard to single out one type to use for your home inspiration. However for Singapore homes - which are mostly apartment - the popular New York loft, or other Industrial spaces, are definitely inspiration sources that will work.

When it comes to kitchens, the look of a commercial kitchen, like this one in a The Draycott apartment, is not only stylish, but also really functional and a great option if you love to cook.

Designed by: Areana Creation

If you are in love with the style of a New York loft, and you have a large open space, this Upper East Coast Road home shows how you can get the same vibe right here in Singapore.

Designed by: De Style Interior

If your idea of American style is more White House than loft, you can choose the more traditional style like this Yung Ping Road home with its mix of faux timber beams, classic furniture shapes and French doors.

Designed by: Dots 'N' Tots Interior Group 

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