Storage just got easier with these Genius Ideas for Your New Home

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When it comes to storage we are all always looking for ways to fit more things into our homes. This is why it is a great idea to search for interesting and useful ways to create storage in every space in your home. 

Whether you want to create the perfect walk-in wardrobe, somewhere to store all your collectibles, or a dedicated spot to store your wine, there is an idea here that will help solve your storage problems.

Wonderful Wardrobe Storage

When it comes to creating the perfect walk-in wardrobe, we all have our own preferences. How much hanging space do you need? How many drawers or shelves do you need? How deep should your shelves be? Should you have spaces especially for your luxury bags? Or your jewellery? You need to plan out all of these things in advance before you start building your wardrobe.

This walk-in wardrobe at Sumang Lane combines hanging space and drawers that can be closed off, with an open display spot for beloved items in the master bedroom.

As you can see, the hanging space in this wardrobe has been designed to have two different heights for men’s shirts and women’s dresses, making it much tidier.
This Sumang apartment’s walk-in wardrobe has enough space to create a cool chill out area too, somewhere to escape from the rest of the family.

Designed by: Adriot Interior Design

This studio apartment in Martin 38 has cleverly designed storage that is used to separate different areas for different activities in the open plan space. Glass wardrobes and dividers were used to separate the bathroom area from the clothes storage and dressing area. Special lighting has also been used to make the various spaces either more private - with low, or no lighting - or more public with lots of light.

Designed by: 0932

This well designed walk-in wardrobe in this Sky Terrace @ Dawson apartment includes a vanity, alongside backlit hanging spaces with glass sliding doors so you can easily see where everything is.
The wardrobe is linked to both the bedroom and to the central corridor of the apartment so that one person can be dressing and the other is still sleep undisturbed once the sliding door is closed.
Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

Brilliant Book Storage

While many of us might now read almost everything on our iPads or Kindles, there are just as many of us who love the feeling of reading an actual book. However, storing books can often take up a lot of space in our smaller homes. Bookshelves are obviously the usual way to store books, but if you invest in custom built bookshelves that fit into our interior design rather than just buying a prebuilt version, you can create a very personalised space. 

The living space of this apartment at The Draycott has had the bookshelves built-in so as to create a central, spacious living room area.

Adding a ladder means that the entire wall space can be used for storage, right up to the ceiling. Decorative items have been used to break up the space, so that the number of books doesn’t become too overwhelming to the eye.

Designed by: Areana Creation

Although bookshelves line this Jalan Mutiara living space - as well as a wine storage refrigerator and an entertainment centre - the overall vibe is stopped from being too cluttered by the modern lighting and white ceiling.
Having floor-to-ceiling windows and a balcony at the end of this narrow Jalan Mutiara apartment’s living space allows lots of light to flood into the room, and stop the built-in storage from being too heavy.
Designed by: Fineline Design

The Mid Century Modern style of the built-in storage at this Sunrise Avenue home cleverly breaks up the books with glass and white, ensuring that the room still feel light and spacious.
In another space in this Sunrise Avenue apartment, more floor-to-ceiling bookshelves have been built, however by adding a large, graphic piece of marble lower down the wall, the space doesn’t become too cluttered by all the timber and books, creating a lovely reading nook or study area.
Designed by: Starry Homestead

This Hillington Green apartment has a large floor-to-ceiling built-in cupboard that is used for storage set at the end of the living space. The ladder allows for access to every bit of space, and the white sliding doors ensures the design is streamlined and modern.
Designed by: Fuse Concept

Stunning Shoe Cupboards (and other pretty stuff)

Here, in Singapore, we always take our shoes off before we go inside. This means, of course, that we need somewhere to store all our shoes in the entrance way to our homes. Not all of our shoes hang out at the front door, however, our special shoes need their own space too - often somewhere in our wardrobes or if we are lucky, in our very own walk-in closets or dressing rooms. 

The amazing walk-in wardrobe in this Park Villas Green apartment has dedicated spaces for every special piece this family owns. There are display shelves especially for luxury bags, and jewellery plus more storage shelving right up to the ceiling.

As you can see here, the specially designed shoe drawers not only have glass panels so you can clearly see your items, the drawers also pull out for easier access.

Designed by: Fineline Design

The bespoke shoe cupboard in the entryway of this Parc Sea Breeze apartment has panels of opaque glass to keep the area looking streamlined and clean - the sliding door on the right leads into the kitchen, a clever way to hide the entrance.

An additional interesting detail about this purpose built shoe cupboard and extra storage area is that one of the sections actually opens up into yet more storage, this time for additional storage for ‘special’ shoes.

Designed by: The Design Practice

This bespoke, glass-fronted shoe cupboard is for those who really love their shoes. Placed next to the vanity area of the master bedroom of this Foresque Residences apartment, the cupboard also has an internal lighting system. Perfect for showing off your designer trophies.

Designed by: Space Define Interior

For the truly dedicated luxury brand lover, the living space of this Residences at 338A apartment has a dressing and display room set off the main living area. Designed to look just like the VIP area of a luxury boutique, all the cabinetry is designed to look exactly like those you would find in a store.

Designed by: Fuse Concept

Creative Collection Storage

When it comes to storing your special collections, whether they are collections of figures, movie merchandise or DVDs, you will need to be creative to find enough space in your home to store everything, while also being able to live your daily life without too much trouble.

The owner of this Pasir Ris Grove apartment obviously loves collecting! This room has been given over to both the collections, and home entertainment, with specially built display and storage shelves made-to-measure particular items.

Seen from the opposite end of the room, you can see that even the back wall has built-ins designed to maximise storage space.
Designed by: Starry Homestead

If your collection is more restricted, you can create a small, but perfectly sized, area to stack and store your precious objects. 
This mezzanine ‘room’ has been created out of the ‘dead space’ in this Visionaire apartment. It is exactly the right size to store a small collection and also add an extra chill out space for the family.
Designed by: Fifth Avenue Interior

Wonderful Wine Storage

If you really love wine - whether to drink or collect - it is worth considering designing a dedicated wine cupboard, wine fridge or special wine storage area in your home. Depending on the type of wine - red, white, champagne - and whether or not it needs to be kept refrigerated - will define what type of storage you need.

In this Jalan Mutiara home, the wine storage area has been integrated into the dining area, right next to the kitchen for easy access.

Designed by: Fineline Design

This apartment at Edgefield Plains not only has a refrigerated section, it has an area for red wine storage, and even a bespoke hidden serving shelf that can be pulled out when needed.

Designed by: Fineline Design

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