Masculine versus Feminine Home Interior Inspiration


When it comes to finding your perfect home interior design scheme it can sometimes be confusing to work out what style you really like. One interesting way is to decide if you prefer a more masculine, or a more feminine style. 

Are you all about warm and moody colours, geometric lines and leather furniture? Then your style preferences are more traditionally masculine. On the other hand, if you like lighter colours, pale timber, organic curves and floral prints, then you style preferences are more traditionally feminine. This doesn’t mean that women can’t prefer a darker, sleeker interior design style; or that men can’t love an all-white space with lots of pale timber. It is just that it might be easier to help you use these traditional terms when trying to describe or discover your favourite interior design style. 

Here are some great examples for inspiration.  

Masculine Interior Design Inspiration

Masculine interior schemes tend to feature warm neutral shades and moody colours accented with gold or brass tones. Classic black and white, or various shades of grey also suit the Masculine style. Modern design trends that include geometric patterns, sharp edges and clean lines will suit the Masculine scheme. Think glossy luxury apartments with lots of metallic finishes like chrome, and rich leather-covered furniture pieces. Interior design trends like Industrial and Mid-Century Modern can also be defined as having a Masculine edge to their designs.

This apartment at The Interlace is a great example of how a Masculine design scheme can look modern and slick, but also welcoming for guys or girls.

Mixing various shades of grey with a slightly warm tone can create a sense of intimacy in a Masculine style interior design scheme.

Metallic touches like the chrome sculpture in this The Interlace apartment’s home office space are a great contrast to deep, more Masculine colours like grey and black.
Designed by: Neu Konceptz

This glamorous Bukit Batok Street apartment mixes traditional Masculine styles like leather, dark toned marble and reflective details with the glow of gold to create a space that is strong but with a feminine edge. 

The touches of softness from the velvet cushions in the living area are offset by the use of dark tones throughout the space, creating a sharper vibe. 
Designed by: Design 4 Space

You don’t always have to go super dark with your colour choices for a Masculine interior design scheme. This Wallich Residences apartment has lighter tones of grey and even touches of white to offset the sharp lines and metallic accents.

This white kitchen fits into the Masculine style with its sharp, sleek and slightly reflective materials, set against a backdrop of dark timber and black marble.
Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

Another way to create a more Masculine interior design scheme is to choose very modern furniture that is low-set and minimalist, like in this Martin 38 studio apartment.

Muted tones of grey and dark timber are mixed with more reflective and streamlined surfaces to emphasise the geometric shapes of the built-in storage and kitchen island for a Masculine feel.
Designed by: 0932

In this Bishan Street apartment, the Masculine interior design scheme features the use of a dark ceiling, combined with moody colours and timber.

The kitchen continues the Masculine interior design style with a commercial kitchen feel of large stainless steel appliances and fittings, and the continuation of the dark ceilings.
Designed by: Free Space Intent

Feminine Interior Design Inspiration

The Feminine interior design style is almost the opposite of the Masculine scheme, with a focus on brighter and lighter colours including the new pastel shades. Softer, organic, rounded and curved shapes also suit the Feminine scheme. The addition of more patterns, like florals and jacquards, and the use of interior fabrics like velvet, also help to create the intimacy of the Feminine interior design style. Interior design trends like Scandinavian, Traditional or Victorian often suit a more Feminine home decor style.

This Riversails Penthouse apartment has a mix of traditional and classic design trends mixed with modern touches like all-white furniture and sheer curtains.

The soft curve of the sofa in the living room is matched to a circular table and soft rug to continue the Feminine interior design style.
Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

This beautiful Luxe Au Pastel apartment is the perfect example of the modern Feminine interior design scheme with its mix of pastel pink and strong curves. 

Dashes of the Masculine interior design scheme run through this Feminine design in the use of gold accents and metallic surfaces, particularly in the spectacular dining area.

The fabulous pink kitchen shows that pretty in pink doesn’t need to be frilly and girly, but can also be streamlined and adult.
Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

Another version of the Feminine interior design style is one that features more natural materials and colours; a style that can be seen in the Scandinavian interior design trend like in this Toa Payoh Apex apartment

Although very soft and welcoming, this master bedroom scheme is not too feminine that it becomes overwhelming. The use of strong timber accents and more industrial style light fittings adds a touch of the Masculine to the overall Feminine interior design scheme of this room.
Designed by: Mr Shopper Studio

Lashings of fur, velvet, gold and sparkling chandeliers might automatically make you think of a woman’s old-style boudoir, it doesn’t have to. The design of this Woodland home mixes up lots of Feminine interior design items with stronger, more Masculine pieces to create a space that is dramatic and glamorous, rather than fluffy and frilly. By adding black accents and metallic finishes to this space, the Feminine interior design scheme is balanced with a touch of masculinity.

Designed by: Fifth Avenue Interior

The warm and welcoming, light and spacious interior design scheme for this Edgedale Plains apartment is a soothing mix of the best of the Feminine interior design style. Rounded furniture, light colours, natural timbers and lots of light; this apartment has it all.

The master bedroom of this Edgedale Plains apartment continues the warm but uncluttered interior design scheme by using timber furniture mixed with dashes of pretty colours and floral prints creating a Feminine interior design style that both guys and girls will love.
Designed by: Free Space Intent

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