Cooking Up Ideas for Your Kitchen Design

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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home, and we all spend a great deal of time there, which is why you should think about designing your kitchen to not only be functional, but to also show off your personal style.

Yes, many of us think that a kitchen should just be an all-white space with maybe a touch of pale timber, but that might not suit your personality. Why not create a space with splashes of colour, interesting materials and unique design ideas? 

Get some inspiration from these fabulous Singapore apartments which have beautiful, unique and very functional kitchens.

Marvelous Mixed Materials

This Anchorvale Crescent kitchen has used multiple mixed materials to create a space that is warm and welcoming. The tiled floor is reminiscent of retro design, the poured concrete adds an industrial touch, and the timber cabinets add more warmth. By keeping the colours relatively muted the mixed materials stand out without shouting too much.

Designed by: Free Space Intent 

Cool Shots of Colour

The brilliant mix of deep emerald green and hot orange in this Eunos Crescent kitchen makes for a fun and funky space that is sure to cheer you up. Adding a white tile backsplash, timber cabinets and more monochrome floor tiling stops the room from being too busy on the eye.

Designed by: Fuse Concept

Totally Tiled

The kitchen of this Fernvale Street apartment might be small, but it packs a huge style punch with its terrific tiling; the 3D geometric print adds so much texture to the space. Combining it with simple white and timber cabinets and countertops gives your eyes somewhere to rest.

Designed by: Fuse Concept

Elegant English

If you are still set on an all-white kitchen, you can add your own personality by creating a historical or retro vibe like the one in this Yung Kuang Road apartment. Mixing up classic, English style like the Shaker-front cupboards, the glass inset cupboards and classic, elegant chairs gives this kitchen an ultimately elegant, English look. Even the telephone and retro radio go with the theme.

Designed by: Fifth Avenue Interior

Bold Blue & Gold

The classic mix of navy, white and gold is the perfect way to make a statement in your kitchen without going too crazy. 

Designed by: Space Define Interior

This Garden Vista kitchen is a beautiful mix of traditional elements with a touch of modern style in the graphic printed tile backsplash. Even the honey-coloured timber flooring is totally on point.

Designed by: Space Define Interior

Fun & Functional 

The pale blue of this Ubi Avenue kitchen stands out for its modern, yet restrained, vibe. The addition of rattan cupboard inserts, the large streamlined door pulls and the marble backsplash all add up to a cool, functional family kitchen.

Designed by: The Interior Lab

Dark & Moody

For a strong, masculine version of a kitchen, go for a dark and moody colour palette like the one in this 1231 kitchen. Designed to open into the living area, this kitchen looks more like a nightclub bar, or hip cafe kitchen thanks to the glassed in cooking space.

Designed by: 0932

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