East vs West, which side of Singapore is the best place to live?


There is a never-ending debate in Singapore. Which side of the island is the best place to live? East, or West? 

In an attempt to try to clear up this debate, we have found some examples of super stylish homes on both coasts, from hot HDB apartments to cool Condos, we hope these interiors will help you decide where you want to live.

The East

People who are already ‘easties’ say that the East is where the best food is, that it has convenient access to everything, and that it is super stylish. Well, here are some stylish homes that support that claim ...

Tampines GreenForest HDB Apartment

Designed by Free Space Intent, this 4 room BTO apartment is a great East side representative with its Mid Century Modern styling, white walls and artful use of timber.

Image credit: Free Space Intent

114 Bedok Reservoir HDB apartment

This HDB apartment at Bedok Reservoir is another great example of East side style with its decorative wall coverings, deep blue accents, lots of art and bright pops of primary colours.

Image credit: Starry Homestead

Hougang HDB apartment

The modern, chic and dark design of this Hougang HDB apartment gives off a luxury vibe that fits right into the East-side vibe of interior design.

Image credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

The Esta Condo apartment

Full-length windows allow the light to shine onto the open spaces of this modern and stylish Esta Condo apartment.

Image credit: The Interior Lab

Grand Duchess Condo apartment

A mix of modern and traditional touches in this Grand Duchess Condo apartment is the perfect example of a classic East side home. The bright splash of teal tiles in the bathroom makes a cool and arty statement.

Image credit: Fuse Concept

Neptune Court Condo apartment

Designed by Fifth Avenue Interior, this stylish Neptune Court Condo apartment has a fabulous Asian aesthetic thanks to the choice of lighting and furnishings. The addition of earthy textures and lots of plants makes this a perfect example of East side style.

Image credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

The West

While the East side might be more expensive right now, the mix of space, development and convenient living over on the West side of Singapore, makes up for its historical connection to factories. Why not try a walk on the West side instead?

West Terra HDB apartment

Bright white and crisp timber makes this West Terra HDB apartment designed by Design 4 Space, super stylish and a great example of the West side’s more modern direction.

Image credit: Design 4 Space

292B Bukit Batok HDB apartment

The wooden walls, flooring and shelving strategically planned across different parts of the space maintains a consistent and modern theme in this Bukit Batok HDB apartment designed by Lemonfridge Studio. The use of a glass wall to separate the study and the living room, makes space feel less closed in and there is even a super trendy barn door into the kitchen.

Image credit: Lemonfridge Studio

442A Bukit Batok HDB apartment

This BTO apartment in Bukit Batok is a great example of crisp, modern Scandinavian interior style with its use of pale timber and lots of white. The lighting is also modern, crisp and white - another example of West side style.

Image credit: Lemonfridge Studio

Bukit Batok HDB apartment

Designed by Space Atelier, this Bukit Batok HDB apartment uses richer, darker tones in a modern way to create a bold timber feature wall to create a statement of West side style.

Image credit: Space Atelier

The Clement Canopy condo apartment

Go glam, or go home! This stunningly glamorous Clement Canopy condo apartment features lots of metallic details mixed with darker tones and luxurious materials. Who says the West side can’t do luxe?

Image credit: Mr Shopper Studio

Clementi Park condo apartment

Designed by Mr Shopper Studio, this Clementi Park condo apartment uses pastel tones to create a fresh, friendly and modern interior design statement. Different colours are used in the bedrooms to add touches of personality, with lashes of gold on accessories and details make sure this West side condo is top class.

Image credit: Mr Shopper Studio

So, it looks like both the East and the West have equally stylish and desirable homes. So do you, and choose your own personal favourite.

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