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"My husband and I engaged Forefront Interior for our home renovation last year. My husband did some research online and out of the three ID companies that we shortlisted, we decided to go with Forefront. The ID we worked with was Ximen. We were very impressed with him from the very first meeting because he was very interior professional and knowledgeable about his work. He gave us some sample 3D designs and many suggestions and worked closely with us so that we can get our dream home. He is always very responsive whenever we ask him sth and very prompt in replying to us as well. He also went with us to select our bathroom appliances and also gave us his input whenever we sent him some photos of furniture we wanted to purchase. Even after the renovation was done and moving into the house, he will still keep in contact with us and help us arrange with his suppliers when we needed to touch up on certain things like the flooring or the painting. Both my husband and I are extremely lucky to have a wonderful ID like Ximen who really goes the extra mile for us. Thank you Ximen for a wonderful first home renovation experience! We will definitely recommend him to others and in fact one of our friends have already engaged him for his own reno."
Aisyah Daud
"JT in Forefront Interior is a really reliable designer who always gives us fantastic idea within the budget and various options from the customer’s of perspective on design, function and efficiency. Thanks to his hard and great work we successfully renovated our condo well. He understood our concept on renovation and really converted to the reality within the budget!"
Takenori Yoneda
"May from Meter Square. We had done our research way before meeting up with M.S. We choose May and M.S. firstly because we liked the consistent stylish designs they produced. The testimonials we had read up about them also provided reassurance about their reputation and accountability. After meeting up, we felt comfortable enough to go ahead and signed up right away. Communication was clear. No hard sales pitches. She showed her well honed design experience effortlessly through our casual discussion with live layout sketching and actual carpentry display from her office. She was also able to show us relevant, up to date examples of bifold doors, laminates, window grill examples from her phone from her other projects during the discussion. You pick up her traits as u go along the meetings. Good memory. Serious about her projects. Sharp and detailed. And yes, we will definitely recommend May. After our home was completed, my 2nd sister in law and a close friend have chosen to have their renovation with M.S. as well."
Raymond Han
"Have been a smooth discussion process with excellent service provided by Forefront Interior. Plan according to our family needs and Budget. Simple yet presentable designs. Regular updates and reasonable pricings with good after sales contact even after 3 years. Thumbs up! Keep shining! "
FiOn KoH
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"We had selected Meter Square after spending over a year sourcing through various ID companies as well as speaking directly to contractors. Meter Square was the last ID company that we met up with and we were comfortable enough after speaking to May and Mint on the very first meeting, that we signed up with them immediately after. The renovation progressed very well, and as new ideas and opportunities presented themselves, we were so comfortable with the work done by the team that we were more than willing to bring forward additional scope of work that was originally meant to be done at a later phase. Meter Square took on this challenge without complaint and seamlessly incorporated the additions into their schedule without any hesitation. Throughout our interactions with Meter Square, we had been consistently impressed with May’s design experience and in particular her discipline and meticulous documentation approach. She believes that good and proper documentation serves as an important communication tool so that there are no misunderstandings between all parties. Given the scope of our renovation, we believe this to be one of the critical success factors. We were also very happy with Mint’s follow through of the actual renovation works and her interactions with her team and sub-contractors. She kept the project on schedule and ensured that all works were delivered according to plan. She was highly responsive and even made several excellent design suggestions that we were most happy to incorporate. Special mention should also go to Ah A, the carpentry lead, who is a joy to work with - always smiling and truly dedicated in his work. He has brought forth many invaluable ideas and we are really appreciative of the work done by him and his team. In all, our renovation project was completed within three months, hassle free and to our satisfaction. We were really glad we had chosen Meter Square - they maintained their willingness to listen throughout the entire project, and proved themselves to be reliable and dependable. They showed flexibility when the need arose, and in our opinion, they delivered very well on a project that was not run of the mill. Post renovation, they continued to impress us with their timely follow up of some alterations and additions to the design without hesitation. We would definitely return to them for our future projects and we would confidently recommend them to anyone."
Danny Khoo
"Professional and reliable. Carpentry work is neat and high quality. While the construction process, they keep update to us with a lot of photos. Those progress update photos help us to see if we have any comment or if want to add something on spot. Carpenter team always working like doing their masterpiece! Thank you Zhi Qi, Frederick and Team contractor for nicely job!"
Thitiwat Manoonpon
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"We engaged Wynn from IDID for our last nest and now we are engaging her again! Guess this speaks for itself on how we view her as a professional in designing and overseeing the entire project. I've engaged several IDs before for all my previous house and nothing comes close to what she had offered. Price is only one factor in considering which ID to go to but the overall customer satisfaction is a MUCH bigger aspect for those that are looking around! I've recommended Wynn to almost close to 7 of my friends and all of them gave her a big THUMBS up at the end of the project! Keep up the good work Wynn!!!! cheers!"
Dennis Goh
"We are so fortunate to have Wynn as our designer. Wynn put what we wanted which we described very vaguely into real plan and she really put out our dream house. Despite her busy schedule, multiple projects, exhibition, office move and 2 little ones, she still keep us updated all of the progress with pictures, videos and keep us informed of what and why she did sth for me, we didn’t even visit the site so frequently like other friends. We have her company and ideas for furniture, lightings, accessories etc. I am sure that there are many unspoken extra effort for us. Just like the concept of its company name IDID has ideas defined in details. After moving in for one month, we slowly, gradually notice the details, including but not limited to the good materials she chose for us, practical yet presentable. I believe it’s the passion that is driving Wynn and her company for their over and on top service rendered and I have referred her company to my friends and colleagues"
June Ler
"IDID are very professional and definitely one of the very outstanding designers in Singapore. Not only the designer aims to have the design resembling the owners personality, it is also practical. Their workmanship is also better than my developer! It is definitely an ID that I would recommend!"
Pauline Sim
"Joey from Forefront was absolutely meticulous in his handling of my home. Learning about my wife and myself, he proposed designs that suit our lifestyles and is very accommodating to our requests. His team was with us every step of the way from conceptualizing our home, to key collection and to project completion. Well done!"
James Sim
"We met Vincent from The Interior Lab at the Home By Hitcheed event and were impressed by his experience and knowledge. He was able to quickly come up with ideas for our home and also provided great suggestions to handle issues such as space constraints. Throughout the renovation process, he was patient and very responsive to our concerns. Highly recommended to work with him for your home renovation."
Jackie Yeo
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"I don't believe in writing a review for the sake of writing one. So when I do, it's only when I received either a damn good service or a damn good product. Needless to say, Forefront Interior delivered both! My house was designed by the young and capable boss of the firm, Joey Pear. Don't be fooled by his age and perceived interior lack of experience. He has been in the business for close to a decade! He opened my eyes to the world of interior design not only with his flair for design but also the technical knowledge behind it. Joey is not a typical "Yes Man" that accedes to all customer's requests. He dares to tell you if your idea does not suit the overall concept or "feel" of the house. Most importantly, he designs a house according to its habitant's lifestyle. To be very honest, I had doubts of the practicality of the design of my house when I looked at the 3D designs. Joey assured me that I can place my trust in him that with just a bit of adaptation, it will turn out fine. I'm glad I trusted him. This is also the reason why I'm writing this review only after a week of moving in as I wanted to personally experience and prove that great designs can be functional and practical too. Rex oversaw the operation/ renovation process. He had constantly updated me on the progress. Coordination went smoothly and my presence at site was minimal. During the post-renovation inspection prior to hand over, he spotted and highlighted to me the minor defects that many would have tried to keep a blind eye and hope that I do not realise. The said defects were subsequently rectified promptly. Thank you 'Team Forefront'!"
Alvin Tan

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