Who Needs Colour? These are the Modern Luxury Monochromatic Homes You'll Love

Monochromatic homes don't have to be boring just because they don't use a lot of colour. The trick is to vary the tones and shades (don't paint your entire home black of course), and create interesting focal points with large centerpieces or accent walls, and always, always use different textures as well as furnish your home with potted plants. 

1) Create Visual Centerpieces

This home, situated on Hougang St 22, keeps colour to the minimum, with a colour palette of dark woods, sleek blacks and to make sure the home is not gloomy, loads of white and light flooring. The pièce de résistance taking pride of place in the home are the floor-to-ceiling shelves stacked carefully with all the owners' display pieces. Our favourite part is the secret entryway leading to the rooms that is cleverly disguised as part of the shelving.

The same muted colour scheme continues in the dining area, with dark chairs, a piano, and a beautifully reflective dark dining table, as well as funky lighting to lend visual interest to the place. A grey kitchen is enlivened by the textured backplash leading to elegant marble countertops. The kitchen is also kept sleek and minimalist with no drying racks in sight, and tons of storage space to hide away all your cooking supplies, as well as bulky electrical appliances. 

Home at Hougang designed by Icon Interior Design

2) Add Textiles

This home, G Maisonette by 0932 Design, features a neutral colour palette, a harmonious blend of dark and light woods, complementing the white walls and floor and black furniture. The addition of textiles like a throw, a comfy rug, a fur lined seat and loads of cushions creates a cosy atmosphere. 

We love this monochrome minimalist workspace with the subtle patterned tiling on the floor, the industrial black frames for the windows and doors, while the table tops are kept clutter-free thanks to the shelving options behind. 

G Maisonette designed by 0932

3) Add a Touch of Luxury

This home at Skyline, designed by Mr Shopper Studio, is clad mostly in white, with tons of storage space in the sleek white floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and complemented by a marble feature wall, with a glorious open concept kitchen that has loads of countertop space, and a hotel-worthy bedroom. The living room's most interesting feature is the marble feature wall, which slides open to reveal the television. 

Our favourite space in the home is the master bedroom, with a velvet headboard, satiny sheets and tons and tons of cushions. The use of dark colours--and blackout curtains--in this room creates a restful atmosphere to doze off into slumber. 

Skyline home designed by Mr Shopper Studio

4) Vary Textures

This home, at Jalan Langgar in Bedok, plays around with a multitude of textures, from the visually rough art piece on the wall, to the soft cool leather of the recliner, the warm cosiness of the super long sofa set, and the luxuriously plush fur throw, creating visual interest without needing to add in too many colours.

We love the cohesive colour scheme and the sleek simplicity of the home, such as in the modern take on the classic chandelier, as well as the floor-to-ceiling shelving in the master bedroom, with a simple vanity and seating area for one to get ready for the day, while the horizontal grains of the floor and the cabinet complement the patterned tiles on the headboard. Also, little touches of luxury like the bathtub and rainforest shower create a relaxing end to each work day. 

Jln Langgar, Bedok home designed by Icon Interior Design

5) Separate living spaces in an open concept home. 

If you have a large floor area as this home at Martin 38 does, section out different areas for different purposes, e.g., lounging, sleeping and dining. This can easily be done with just a large rug that clearly divides the space up into three distinct areas, but if you want more privacy--and the ability to cook properly in your home without carrying the smell into the bedroom, do what the designers from 0932 did and create a sliding door that also reveals the television. Ingenious, isn't it?

Of course, no home would be considered luxurious without a walk-in closet, encased in glass and with clever lighting at the top and bottom of the wardrobe. Across from the wardrobe lies a vanity area, large enough for two to get ready in the morning and beside that on the right side lies the toilet (not pictured). 

Martin 38 home designed by 0932

6) Use colour sparingly. 

While this home generally stays true to the neutral, monochromatic scheme with of course the requisite touches of wood, it also includes sparing touches of colour, like the burnt orange cushions, a splash of red on the table at the balcony (we love the swing chair out there too), and enough plants around the house to make it homey and cosy. Even though the general feel of this home is modern, an occasional Oriental touch in the dining table set out on the terrace creates an interesting and welcome contrast. 

The home also features generous storage options with mirrored cabinets both in the entryway and the toilet--with double showers so that the couple can get ready at the same time in the morning--cabinets lining both sides of the kitchen all the way to the laundry area and lighted shelving areas to display treasured items. 

Terrene at Bukit Timah home designed by IDID

7) Reduce clutter with clever built-in storage. 

Need extra counter space or a serving table for your guests? This kitchen has it with pullout drawers that are perfect to double as space for preparing food or to create a buffet line. The homeowners, together with the designers from Mr Shopper Studio, have cleverly created several built-in storage ideas to hide unsightly cables for the oven and the microwave, as well as building a wine cellar, all in the central block, so it separates the living area and the dining area from each other, while the kitchen hides on the other side of the block. 

A second seating area can be found on the second floor of this penthouse, (see the fourth picture onwards) and in this dark space--great for watching movies (for minimum glare), the designers have also built in storage all around the two walls, neatly creating spaces for display, as well as hiding away the unsightly wires from the entertainment systems and accompanying speakers. Other storage options that Mr Shopper Studio has included are the bathroom counters, as well as the expansive walk-in wardrobe. 

Lakeshore Penthouse designed by Mr Shopper Studio

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