Quirky and Fun Children's Rooms You'll Never Want to Grow Out of

Superheroes, animated characters, bright cheery colours--all elements of the perfect child’s bedroom. Get inspired to create a bedroom your child--or children will love, whether it’s to play, sleep or even--gasp--study in. 

1) A Space to Grow

Suggested Age Range: 2-4 

For this particular home by Cozy Ideas, the parents have dedicated an entire playroom for the children, with a built-in rock climbing wall. The built-in rock climbing wall can help to develop your children’s overall strength, endurance and flexibility. Having such a dedicated playroom would not only help to confine your kids’ toys to one space, but also provides them with the opportunity to develop their creativity in such a stimulating environment. 
Playroom designed by Cozy Ideas

2) We love this playroom designed by Design 4 Space, with a play pen for toddlers to wander into and entertain themselves, a tent and mini kitchen area for slightly older children to play and exercise their creativity, and a table and chair to have snacks or a time for learning their ABCs--and also a place for them to create their own masterpieces. 
Playroom designed by Design 4 Space

2) "I'm a Big Kid Now" : Rooms for Adolescents

Suitable for Children Aged 4-6

These two bedrooms by Zenith Arc are perfect for young children who are too big for cribs. Every design in the room has been carefully considered to make the room as child-friendly as possible. Strips of rubber foam--in a cheery pink and yellow--cover the wall, not only providing texture but also help to soften the impact should children run headlong into the walls. Having the mattress placed on the floor, as opposed to on a bed frame, also minimises the risk of your child sustaining injuries from rolling off the bed from a height.

Done in soothing tones of white and blue, with cloud decals on the walls, this cozy bedroom by Zenith Arc is a safe haven for young children to sleep and/or play. A low-level shelf with cubby holes is stationed against a wall, allowing one to stash beloved stuffed toys away. 
Bedrooms designed by Zenith Arc

3) Character-Themed Rooms

Suggested Age Range: 5 to 12

Character-themed rooms are a hot favourite amongst children due to the plethora of cartoons aired on both television and on YouTube. From Peppa Pig to PJ Masks to Octonauts, it is almost difficult to even decide on one character for one’s room! The following bedrooms by Rezt & Relax, The Nextdoor ID, and the Elpis Interior use beloved characters like Lightning McQueen, Doraemon, Minions and Batman to create bedrooms your children will love--and most importantly, will age well together with your child--it’s not too kiddie!

For this bedroom by Rezt & Relax, specially constructed bed frames in the shape of a race car are made for the two young children, and paired with Angry Birds bedding, while the ceiling is painted a cheerful textured blue.
Bedroom by Rezt & Relax

Decked in shades of blue along with Minions wall decals, bedsheet and pillow cases, this Minions-inspired bedroom by Elpis Interior will get your kids singing “ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana” all day long! Perfect for young children who are fans of these cheery yellow critters from the Despicable Me franchise. The bed is placed on a cleverly elevated platform, which not only serves as additional storage space, but also helps young children to easily reach their bed. Bedroom by Elpis Interior

Superheroes are also a hot favourite among children due to their extraordinary powers and also their ability to fight evil and defeat villains. For older children, a more muted colour scheme in red and blue-grey and green and blue room might be more suitable--don’t worry, they can still showcase their Batman and Captain America figurines on a display shelf. 

Bedrooms designed by Zenith Arc

For those who are more vested in the ongoing battle between the Decepticons and the Autobots, transform (yes, pun intended) your bedroom simply and stylishly with the requisite Transformer sheets, and with a large floor-to-ceiling mural of your favourite Transformer--we’re thinking these kids probably love Bumblebee. Instead of a ladder leading up to the upper bunk bed, a fancier alternative--and one that provides more storage--would be a red and blue set of stairs, with a cupboard beneath. 

Bedroom designed by Next Door ID

4) Teenage Dreams: A Cool Space for Studying, Relaxing and Sleeping 

Suggested Age Range: 11 to 18

Create a space your teen will love, with enough space for your child (or children) to study and to sleep and as a safe haven for them to return to. In HDBs with limited space, we suggest bringing on the Murphy beds and space-saving ideas to create a room with multiple functions. 

Below is some #bedroominspo by Chapter B, which seems to have perfected the art of balancing aesthetics with functionality while maximising the existing space in a room. We love the cabinetry around the bed that gives the teen more storage space for all their cherished items, including a pink luggage we spy at the corner of the room. What really makes this space awesome is the pull-down Murphy bed, that keeps all your items on the table while transforming into a bed at night. A touch of pink in the quilted headboard and the chandelier add a dose of girlish luxury to the room. 

Perfect for families with 2 or more children who are sharing a room, this design by Chapter B is similar to bunk beds, with the exception that the top bunk is now affixed to the wall, with a wardrobe replacing the bottom bunk bed. The bottom bunk bed is made dual-purpose by being a convertible bed-cum-table. During the day, your children can convert the bottom bunk into a table for studying, and at night--Voila! A bed that’s ready within minutes for one to sleep in. 

Bedrooms by Chapter B

Similar to the above design, one of the units done by Rezt & Relax has retrofitted shelves into the steps leading up to the upper bunk bed. Decked in shades of white, pink and purple, with a comfy hot pink couch, this is a room that your children would not want to leave!
Bedroom by Rezt & Relax
Embrace your inner child and let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities of designing your child's bedroom or playroom!

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