8 Minimalist Singapore Homes You Would Love To Move Into

The minimalist home interior decor style is super popular right now because it looks so clean and fresh and is great for Singapore’s smaller HDB apartments. For new homeowners minimalism is a great choice since you can easily feature your favourite things while making a statement about your personal style, and it can be done on a budget too. But you don’t have to paint everything white--unless you want to, of course--to create the perfect minimalist interior. Here are some great home decor ideas that show how cool it is to be a minimalist at home.

1) Millennial Pastel 

Luxe Au Pastel 

This beautifully decorated apartment looks exactly like it was designed for an Instagram Influencer! The marble flooring, the perfect millennial pink walls and cabinets, and the curved seats at the dining table make for an ingenious design. 

We love the fact that with an open concept bathroom, it looks exactly like a high-end hotel concept, don’t you think?

Bathroom spaces with clean lines are timeless and mean that you won’t need to update these areas too often - a great tip when you’re creating and investing in your first home.

The millennial pastel colour series don't just stop at the living area, it continues into the bedroom vanity area too. This millennial pastel blue balances out the entire house to make it less girly.

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

2) Neutral & Calm

Eunos Crescent 

We’re totally in love with this calm neutral colour home, it’s perfect for a busy couple who need to Netflix ‘n’ chill after work and play. The usage of different muted and neutral colours smoothly travels through the whole space making it seem even larger than it is, and the tone combines with the light wood and concrete to create a warm welcome.

Adding on to the seamless design experience, their wardrobe is concealed neatly in the bedroom. What is behind the concealed walls welcomes a walk in wardrobe, well hidden in an elegant manner - what a clever design.

Notice how in the kitchen, there are no door handles to any of the cabinets. This allows the whole home to look larger than it is, adding on to the seamless and calm environment.

Interior Design: Key Concept

3) Touch of Teal

Executive Apartment @ Tampines

Did you know that ‘monochrome’ doesn’t just mean all black or all white? It actually means ‘all one colour’. The terrific teal colour in this apartment is amazingly elegant and fresh, by using different depths of the shade it doesn’t become too overwhelming. The stronger shade of the couch is matched by the lighter version on the walls and minimal built-ins.

The design of the slightly raised platform helps to break up the large dining and lounge space, creating a special spot for hobbies or a kids area. The lighting on the edge is not only a cool feature, it will stop you from tripping too.

We love the way the kitchen picks up the teal colour in the glass backsplash and how the glass doors are able to hide away any untidiness at the end of a busy day. Open the doors and the dining area flows into the kitchen making more space when you need it.

The teal colour travels into the bedroom area too, with a great feature wall in the same tones and more white and grey to create a calming space for sleeping. The built-ins are great too creating designated spaces for study or doing your makeup. 

Interior Designer: IDID Pte Ltd

4) Moody Woody


This minimal interior has added elegance thanks to the use of various tones of grey and touches of timber. The subtle tones of grey are used to highlight the various architectural details like the feature wall around the television in the lounge room to make them stand out.

The usage of glass doors and mirrors create an illusion of more space. With such materials used, more light can reflect into the area. This is a great interior design tip to try to create an illusion of a bigger living space. 

By running the same tiles throughout the apartment you can create a feeling of continuity and the image that the space is larger than it really is. This is clearly seen in the kitchen as the galley style runs all the way to the outside area. 

Interior Designer: Key Concept

5) Gorgeous Greenery

10PM Singapore

Just because you’re going for a minimalist interior style doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of lovely greenery in your home. This apartment combines clean minimal lines of tile and exposed concrete with lush plantings to soften the edges.

The lush lounge area looks almost like it’s outside thanks to the climbing wall of green plants, the low lines of the furniture and the addition of rough timber used as a coffee table. This is a great combination of natural materials used in a minimal style.

Although the bedroom area looks more industrial with its raw concrete details, the addition of pot plants and the use of more natural fabrics on the bed create a comfy space. 

The kitchen area in this apartment was placed in exactly the right area to take advantage of the greenery outside the windows. This softens the look of polished concrete, plaster walls and the relatively low ceiling creating and elegant space.

Interior Designer: 0932

6) Tucked Away Timber

Yishun Ring Road

If you are looking for minimalist inspiration that has a Scandinavian vibe, look no further. This apartment has it in spades. The way that pale timber has been used as a feature throughout this home is light and refreshing. 

Keeping the same feel, the gallery kitchen in this apartment has a feature wall of pale timber mixed with fun pattern tiles for a touch of personality.

The bright light and continuation of light coloured timber help to keep the bedroom minimal. Not to mention, the glass door allows lighting to be reflected into the living space, creating an illusion of a bigger space. 

Interior Designer: Lemonfridge Studio

7) Artfully Accomplished 

The Topiary

One of the easiest ways to add your own personality to a minimalist design is to invest in some artworks that you love. This streamlined apartment may have looked a bit too plain without the addition of large pieces of art on the walls. 

We absolutely love the way the built-ins in the lounge operate as a moveable art gallery display area. The multiple moveable doors allow you to either see only art, watch television, or access storage, all in the same space. This is a great idea for new homeowners who want a clean ‘art gallery’ look but don’t have a huge amount of space to work with. 

You can never have too much art when you have large white walls. The dining area is next to the lounge space but the use of a statement pendant light and more paintings creates an intimate corner for meals with friends and family. 

Moving into the bedroom space, you can see how the lovely large painting has become a focal point in the room. We also love the way the bed has been raised up to create a platform for more storage, and how the platform allows for a clean sweep of floor from the lounge area. Using the same flooring throughout the space gives a feeling more space too.

Interior Designer: Neu Konceptz 

8) Joyously Japanese

TT Apartment

Do you love the minimalist aesthetic of Muji? Then you will love this elegant, simply furnished minimalist apartment that has a strongly Japanese architectural style. The use of raw polished concrete walls contrasted against beautiful pale timber makes this apartment look like a display area in Muji’s Tokyo flagship store.

We especially love the creation of the architectural timber ‘box’ that frames the large glass door that leads to the balcony; the way the light flows into the room is transformed by the sheer curtains and given texture by the timber battens. 

This spare, elegant space is not wasted. Taking advantage of the area, the designer created a drop-down table that comes out of the wall to create a stunning dining area. This is such a Japanese technique, the ability to use simple materials and good design ideas to create more flexibility in small spaces. 

Continuity continues into the bedroom area that uses the same type of timber for the bed’s headboard combined with similar sheer curtains to diffuse the light. The light timber flooring that’s been used throughout the whole apartment adds to the feel of modern minimalist Japanese style. 

Interior Designer: 0932

Who wouldn’t want to live in one of these amazing minimal Singapore apartments?

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