Trend Alert: Mix ‘n’ Match your floors with different materials


It’s commonly thought that you should only use one type - and colour - of flooring throughout your home, mostly to save money and also to create a seamless look if you are going for a minimalist interior style. 

However, a hot new trend is to mix it up a bit; by using more than one type of flooring you can not only create interest and texture, but you can also designate separate areas for different activities. 

Here are some stylish examples of mixing and matching different types of flooring to create your own bespoke and personalised home.

Mix Two Types of Timber 

In this Jaya Tower apartment, the newly opened-up balcony has been floored with an interesting faux timber tile to contrast with the lighter timber parquetry flooring in the original living space to create a more indoor-outdoor resort style vibe. 

Image Credit: Free Space Intent

Mix Timber with Tiles

Tiles are often used in kitchens as they are more durable and resistant to water and other liquids, so why not use tiles in your kitchen and mix it up with timber for the rest of your living area floors? In this Pasir Ris apartment the colours tone in, but don’t match for more contrast.

Image Credit: The Interior Lab

The flooring of this Serangoon apartment mixes up timber and tiles of various patterns throughout the open plan main room, to create designated areas for hanging out, eating and the entryway.

Image Credit: Fineline Design

Tiles are great for outdoor areas, like a balcony space, and look great when mixed with timber flooring like in this Neptune Court apartment.

Image Credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

The timber flooring in this Kopi C apartment has been used to separate out an area for relaxing and hanging out, from the more formal kitchen and dining area; note that the built-ins are in the same timber tones as the floor to tie the design together.

Image Credit: ROOOT Studio

Timber and tiles can also be used in a decorative way, like the unique tile ‘rug’ of the kitchen and dining space in this Grand Duchess apartment.

Image Credit: Fuse Concept

Two types of timber flooring

The flooring of this Pasir Ris apartment has been done in two different types of timber; the colours have a slight contrast to help separate different areas for different uses thoughout the house.

Image Credit: Liid Studio

Mix up two types of tiles

You don’t have to stick to one type of tile. The design of this Yishun Ring Road apartment has fun hexagonal tiles - another hot trend - in the entrance of the space, creating a great way of separating out the various areas.

Image Credit: Dots 'N' Tots Interior Group

Mix vinyl and tiles

In this Anchorvale apartment tiles have been used to designate the kitchen and dining spaces, while warmer and softer vinyl flooring has been used in the living area. The colours have been chosen to blend well together, creating a soothing environment.

Image Credit: DB Studio Pte Ltd

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