Two Styles of Wardrobes — Feminine & Masculine


When it comes to deciding the style of your master bedroom wardrobe, you can choose to go one of two ways - a more feminine style that makes room for everything every woman has always wanted; or choose a masculine style that is sleek, minimal and organised.

The Feminine Style Wardrobe

For the person who has lots of clothes, shoes, bags and enjoys putting on makeup, a more traditionally feminine style wardrobe system works really well. There are a number of different things to keep in mind when designing a more feminine style wardrobe.

1. Lots of natural light for makeup application

This neat vanity area makes the most of the natural sunlight in this Holland Road home; the bright white built-ins and pale, Scandinavian style timber, ensure you get the perfect amount of light for all your beauty needs.

Image Credit: Mr Shopper Studio

2. Specialised storage for all your handbags and shoes

The walk-in wardrobe of this Bishopgate apartment has lots of designated display and storage ideas that are perfect for luxury handbags and shoes; the pale timber adds an elegant touch that is not so girlie that your husband will run screaming.

Image Credit: Mr Shopper Studio

3. Enough storage for everything   

As long as you keep your colour choices to neutrals like white and pale timber, you can add a few sweet feminine touches to your wardrobe area without making it too much for a shared bedroom space. The wardrobe area of this Holland Drive home’s master bedroom might have pink cushions and a full-length mirror, but the streamlined storage is fine for girls or guys.

Image Credit: Black N White Haus Interior

The Masculine Style Wardrobe

Minimalist design, modern materials like metal and glass, plus darker colours add up to a more masculine style wardrobe design.

1. Modern materials and dark tones

The use of smoked glass, a metal hanging and storage framework, along with subtle strip and under lighting has created a dark and masculine style wardrobe area in this Martin 38 studio apartment.

Image Credit: 0932

2. Streamlined organisation

Again, the use of dark tinted glass for the wardrobe doors in this Hougang apartment, combined with lighting allows this well organised wardrobe to ‘disappear’ from sight when not in use. Inside, the wardrobe uses a range of different storage options to make sure everything has a place.

Image Credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

3. Modern and simple design   

Sticking to a single colour palette - in the case of this Interlace apartment’s master bedroom it is grey - helps to impart a masculine feel to a walk-in wardrobe area. The simple graphic nature of the open hanging and drawer area also emphasises the modern masculine style of the wardrobe.

Image Credit: Neu Konceptz

The His and Hers Style Wardrobe

For a perfect wardrobe area that not only fulfils the brief of storage, vanity, organisation and style but also combines the tastes of both people using the room, choose a more His and Hers Style Wardrobe. This style will make both members of the family happy.

1. The modern vanity

These days it’s not just women who need a vanity mirror in order to get ready, lots of men are also applying skincare, or shaving without water, so a vanity area in a wardrobe that can be used by two people makes sense. The blinds in this Heritage apartment's dressing area can be opened to let in more natural light for putting on makeup, and then closed for dressing.

Image Credit: Mr Shopper Studio

2. Dedicated storage for both  

You can easily add some additional storage and display options into a His and Hers style wardrobe by using open shelving that can suit a variety of items, from her handbags to his favourite sneakers. In this Joo Chiat apartment the flexible storage area is also highlighted with lighting to make the area a feature in the bedroom.

Image Credit: Dyel Design

3. Modern style doesn’t have to be cold

Streamlined and modern design doesn’t have to be cold and metallic. In this apartment by Mr Shopper Studio the use of timber, carpet and textured walls makes the wardrobe area modern and functional, but also warm and soft enough for both women and men.

Image Credit: Mr Shopper Studio

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