Take a Walk on The Dark Side into These Amazingly Bold Homes

Want to add a touch of mystery, sophistication and drama to your home? We suggest going dark--whether it's a single feature wall to get your warmed up to the idea or cladding your whole home in dark woods and black. 

1) Lorong Lew Lian, The Interior Lab

Still one of our favourites, this home exudes a modern, updated feel of the traditional gentlemen's club, using a mixture of dark woods and furniture, wood floors with a reflective gold coffee table and shelves. 

The dark wall with gold frame theme continues in the master bedroom, which uses glass doors to open up the space, paired with curtains in a similar hue as well as a walnut side table stretching across the wall. An interesting feature of the bedroom is the Japanese feel of it, with the bed, side table and chair all on the ground.

The theme continues in the kitchen filled with walnut cabinets and matching dark floor tiles, with marble counters on one end and a glass display on the other, with lights under the top cabinets to brighten up the space. 

Lorong Lew Lian by The Interior Lab

2) Citylife, Tampines, Lemonfridge Studio

We love the industrial look of this home, with the dark wooden barn door that leads to the kitchen to the exposed black pipes around the home and the entirely black ceiling lending the home an edge of sophistication and drama. 

The home was clearly designed for their feline companions in mind, with cat perches built into the wall and from the ceiling, giving them a place to retreat to and to look down on their humans sitting below them on a sofa with a unique, vintage-looking fabric thrown over to protect it, and bean bags on the side. Need extra table space? Use a slide out table with wheels to accommodate extra guests or for preparing food. 

Citylife at Tampines, Lemonfridge Studio

3) Pasir Ris Drive, Meter Square

Daunted by decking your whole home in black or dark hues? Try starting with a feature wall like this home at Pasir Ris Drive, where the entire wall is painted black and with a mural, which reflects the homeowners' relationship philosophy. They paired this with a black sofa and ottoman as well as sleek black dining chairs to match the wall, with strobe lights overhead to give the home some light.

To keep the look consistent throughout the home, there is a similar wall--clad fully in black--behind the bed, and a matching dark hardwood floor, while the rest is in light and airy hues, with white walls and light beech wood bed frame and curtains.

Pasir Ris Drive, Meter Square

4) Chai Chee, Aart Boxx Interior

Create a restful, resort-inspired home with dark ceilings and equally dark floors, and brighten it by using contrasting furniture and wall art, like this feature wall depicting a dancer and a sketch of a famous landmark. We love the Chesterfield white leather sofa, paired with a monochromatic printed rug and glass coffee table, with a touch of greenery at the corner of the living room.

The dark colour scheme continues on the island and in the kitchen--dark blue for the counter and ingenious pull-out shelf storing all the necessary condiments and seasonings, and black for most of the kitchen), complemented by stainless steel, a lighter wood countertop for the island. Under cabinet and hood lighting helps to bring more light into the kitchen. 

Chai Chee home by Aart Boxx Interior

5) Highline Residences, Mr Shopper Studio

Black too dark and imposing for you? Try using dark browns around the home in different ways, such as the stone-textured feature wall in the living area, the wall separating the bedrooms from the living room, and the display shelves in the entry way. These are paired with a camel toned leather couch, lots of cushions, a comfy rug and plants to create a stylish and elegant home. 

Highline Residences at Mr Shopper Studio

6) Home designed by Edge Interior

This home, clad in concrete and black walls and ceiling (which would probably be perfect for watching loads of Netflix), creates a restful atmosphere reminiscent of an art gallery or a cinema, complemented by a neutral grey sofa and cushions. To brighten up the room, we love the large mural in bright red. The living room leads in to the dining area and kitchen--all in the same colour scheme, where the dining table and kitchen island are connected to each other, and a collection of the home owner's most prized bottles of alcohol overhead. 

The bedroom also continues the trend of the black wall-and-ceiling combination, visually elongating the room. Concrete floors, with colourful accents of the red side table and the graphic print on the walls give it a quirky and eclectic look. The bathroom's focal point is the walls, with monochromatic Peranakan-inspired hexagonal tiles matching the black exposed pipes. 

Home designed by Edge Interior

7) Altez by Neu Konceptz

Create a stunning industrial space in your home by mixing industrial elements like pipes, with vintage elements such as a trunk in the living room that doubles as a coffee table, the faded brick walls in the living room and the bedroom, and the large clock, made cosy with an oversized fur throw. We also love how the home owner's favourite hobbies and items are displayed, such as the golf bag, the sneaker shelf and the wine rack display, while others are neatly tucked away in the kitchen space, with the built-in microwave, oven, washing machine and refrigerator all tucked neatly away. 

The bedroom is similarly designed with the same grey ceiling and brick walls, the darker tones balanced with crisp white sheets, floor-to-ceiling shelving and the artful collage of pictures, creating a restful and calming place to recharge after a long day. 

Altez home designed by Neu Konceptz

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