12 Interior Designs with Amazing Curves and Geometric Shapes


Just because your apartment is built in a square, box-like shape doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your interior design and choose shapes that are unusual or different. By adding custom built interiors in the natural curves or sharp geometric designs you can add another layer of style and design to your home interior.

Here are some interior design ideas that could take your home from fine to fabulous!

1. Organic Curves

The stunning custom cabinetry of organic and sinuous shapes by Fuse Concept creates depth in this Pavilion Condo home. Layering the organic shapes in white over a grey background wall adds not only interest to the living space of this home, but also gives it an international, modern edge.Designed by: Fuse Concept

2. Circles and Squares

By juxtaposing organic, oval shapes with sharper geometric lines, this luxurious apartment at Duo Residences is given a Mid Century Modern look that’s reminiscent of New York. Choosing warm tones of timber and umber brown, makes the living room space calm and relaxing, despite the detailed texture on the ceiling and walls.Designed by: Free Space Intent

3. Back-lit Built-ins

When you are adding built-ins to your home you don’t need to stick with straight lines. The geometric shapes created by the wall storage in this Thomson Three apartment living space add interest to what could otherwise be a very basic wall. The lighting is particularly effective as it runs on the under-sides of each shelf. The design team continued the theme into the master bedroom space, this time using various lengths of timber set with display boxes and more back-lighting to create interest, depth and storage on the wall.Designed by: IDID Pte Ltd

4. Phases of the Moon

This fascinating entertainment centre gives the effect of the various phases of the moon, from New Moon to Full Moon, just with the clever use of timber circles and effective lighting. The design team from Starry Homestead Interior Designs added an off-set shelf on this Sims Drive apartment’s entertainment unit for additional storage.Designed by: Starry Homestead

5. Diagonal Design

The platform for this custom built bed and storage unit by Neu Konceptz, turns a boring square room in this Balmoral Point apartment into a piece of interior design sculpture by setting it at a diagonal angle in the space.Designed by: Neu Konceptz

6. Angled Additions

The built-in storage, shelving and entertainment unit in this Bendemeer apartment is saved from being ordinary by using an angled design for the upright supports; the angle also gives the space a sense of action and movement - particular fun for watching the sports action on television.

Looking from the opposite direction, you can see how the angled design has been continued into the entryway area, with the addition of lighting strips and a floating half wall to continue the active theme.Designed by: Starry Homestead

7. Cute Curves

The combination of curving lines and pink lighting in this Brownstone apartment’s master bedroom has created a warm, intimate and comforting space without having to lose any of its streamlined minimalism. 

The use of curves continues into the kitchen, dining and living space, as does the clever inset lighting. From the floor lights to the modern ‘halo’ light in the living space, the lighting design of this apartment is a brilliant example of how light can be used to define spaces.

The curves of the wall are echoed in the curves of the minimalist, but still comfortable, furniture in the living space. Even the side table is round and soft.Designed by: Thom Signature

8. Gorgeous and Graphic

Mixing large-scale graphic prints with curves and colour, this Bedok Court apartment is a modernist masterpiece. Designed by Dyel Design, the various spaces have an organic and luxurious feel due to the combination of materials and rich colours.

Even the exterior space has sexy curves mixed with modern choices in colour - like the tiled bar - and materials.Designed by: Dyel Design

9. Zig and Zag

Using sharp ‘Z’ lines in contrasting colours, this custom built entertainment center created a strong feature piece in this Springleaf Crescent apartment. The zig-zag motif used by The Design Practice in the living space continues throughout the apartment, adding dimension to various spaces.

The concept has also been used to create this unique walk-in wine cellar in the corner of the apartment’s dining space.Designed by: The Design Practice

10. Off-set Boxes and Lines

The industrial theme of this Tampines Central apartment has been used by the designers to create an interesting wall storage option of off-set ‘boxes’ in tandem with the entertainment center.

Echoing the squares and rectangles of the storage unit, even the glass panelling that is a feature of the apartment’s kitchen has been designed with an off-set twist. Designed by: De Style Interior

11. Shaped by Light

This modern and glossy apartment design by De Style Interior has used light to create various shapes and spaces in this Leedon Height apartment. The rounded square-shaped ceiling lights are echoed by the inset lighting of the entertainment center.

Moving from the living space to the dining and kitchen area, the shape of the lights have changed to lines and circles, again emphasising the various areas of the open plan space.Designed by: De Style Interior

12. Graphic and Green

Mixing angled lines, lighting and a strong shade of green, the entertainment center of this Bukit Batok West apartment becomes the central focus of the home’s interior design. The rest of the living space is sparse, minimal and simple, allowing the strong feature wall and unit to stand-out. The floating bench combined with the closely knit furniture creates the feeling of more space in the room.

Interestingly, the designers continued the graphic theme into the master bedroom built-in storage by copying the design of the lines. This time, however, the colour is missing and the space remains relaxing and cozy due to the detailed finish.Designed by: Fifth Avenue Interior

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