Multi-functional HDBs and Condos That Are More Than Meets The Eye

No space? No problem. How to make the most of your modest space without compromising on style.

As more of us gravitate towards the convenience of city life, living spaces are getting smaller and smaller to meet the demand. Flexibility and multi-functionality of design is important to create an efficient living space. Luckily for us, designers have caught on, presenting us with smart solutions that not only work functionally but are beautiful, enabling us to make the best use of what space we have without compromising on style.

Minimalist Platform & Storage Beds

It's all about utilising the potential of your space: creating separate floor levels for different functions; installing moving parts to create multi functional spaces; walls and surfaces that shift into position for privacy, function when needed and tuck away to promote space when not; multi use furniture and a creative use of texture and colour to give the illusion of space and separation in what could otherwise be a claustrophobic space. One of the biggest downfalls of small apartments is the lack of storage. An ingenious way of increasing floor space is by creating a platform where you can utilise the empty space underneath for storage, as evidenced by these homes designed by StyleMySpace, 0932 Design and Meter Square.

Spaces designed by StyleMySpace

Space designed by 0932 Designs

Space designed by Meter Square

Leveling Up

Taking it one step further with a mezzanine level, Meter Square, Aart Boxx Interior and Chapter B have created multi-use spaces by raising the bed onto a separate level, allowing the space underneath to be used for something else, in this case a lounge and a study space. Not one to waste an opportunity, the designers have also used the empty space under the stairs for additional storage.

Space designed by Meter Square

Spaces designed by Aart Boxx    

Space designed by Chapter B 

Streamline Your Kitchen

When designing your space consider what is most important, if you don't cook often or your repertoire is limited, reduce the amount of space allocated for your kitchen (and get an Instant Pot or air fryer to help you prepare meals). Without the luxury of space you start to see the beauty of functionality, a space created only for what is needed, promoting minimalism and along with it a sense of calm.

Space designed by Ace Space Design

Space designed by Chapter B

Transformers: Furniture That Hides Away

If you're unable to commit to architectural changes, there are plenty of temporary solutions available. One of the most innovative companies on the rise is Ori Systems, a company that develops robotic furniture that transforms your space at the push of a button. Too high tech? Why not consider bespoke furniture that folds seamlessly away, Chapter B presents some clever ideas below: a hidden dining area when your breakfast bar just won't cut it, with bespoke stools that can tuck away. Or why not splurge on this smart, space saving solution: a perfectly spacious desk space for everyday use that can transform into a spare bed on the occasion it's needed. A modern take on the classic Murphy bed is a trend also on the rise; a budget friendly solution, these are no longer the cheesy, uncomfortable, hinged contraptions of yesteryear but upscale wall beds that will transform your modest space. You can see a great selection here in Singapore at

Spaces designed by Chapter B

Alternative Materials

Another affordable but luxe looking option is to divide spaces up using alternative materials. Think floor length grand curtains, frosted glass or perforated metal. Not only does this separate areas; kitchen from living, living from sleeping, but it also allows air flow through your space and makes the most of what available light you have. Below Liid Studio has built a dividing wall on a pivot for a multi purpose entertainment system, a great way for you to get that hotel feel watching TV in bed but also a great opportunity to make your living space technology-free for those times of study, work or reflection.

Space designed by Liid Studio

Space designed by The Design Practice

Every inch counts with these tiny spaces and there's never been a better time to own one. With a little inspiration and a great designer, there's no need to be overwhelmed by functionality. There's no shortage of stylish solutions nowadays to create a welcoming, flexible, functional space.

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