Discover one of a kind homes in Singapore you won’t find anywhere else!

Even if you live in an average HDB apartment or condo building, you too can create a one-of-a-kind home that shows off your personality and look like an interior that you won’t find elsewhere. 

1. Creative Character

This stunning Maplewoods apartment by The Interior Lab has a fabulous Olde Worlde feeling thanks to the addition of attractive Victorian-style moldings added to the drop ceilings and combined with elegant curved openings in each room. Even the antique lighting fixture adds to the sense of historical layers, while the modern additions of art and furniture lighten the overall vibe of the home.

Added to the more historical touches, modern features, like the fun climbing wall set underneath the stairs and using a concrete floor, creates a fabulous juxtaposition of old and new, giving the interior design scheme the feel of a space that has aged over time. 

The unique vibe of this 5-room home continues with features like a pebbled path used in an interior walkway, and a large bevelled-edge mirror to create the illusion of more space and light.

Even the bathroom space has been given a clever twist with an unusual round tub for bathing combined with more minimalist style fittings of black metal and more glass and mirrors for light and illumination.

2. Zen Vibes

The use of golden timber, pale walls and even the impression of ricepaper screens has given this Matilda Court apartment designed by Areana Creation a calm, zen-like Japanese vibe. Clever use of custom built-in furniture has created a dedicated tea drinking space that is also used as a way to separate the living space from the dining and kitchen areas.

The kitchen space continues the soft, streamlined vibe with the continuation of pale timber for the cabinets and the addition of an open pass-through that connects to the dining area and gives off a traditional Japanese izakaya vibe.

In the bedroom space the Japanese theme continues with more timber used to create a bespoke platform bed designed to offer additional storage both underneath, and beside the sleeping spot.

A fantastic walk-in wardrobe and dressing table have been combined as an addition to the master bedroom, making use of additional space and create more storage options via the elegant custom wardrobes.

3. Tardis Blues

Adapting a studio apartment with the use of clever built-ins - including stairs full of storage and a dedicated display room - this Visionaire apartment by Fifth Avenue feels like Dr Who’s Tardis. The design manages to create spaces where before there was only empty air, yet the apartment remains open and light - it’s like magic!

The stairs have been used as the framework for an entertainment centre and lots of additional storage in the living space; the true-blue colour complements the use of pale timber and white walls.

In a floating, almost secret mezzanine space, the homeowners have a dedicated space for their collectibles, as well as a great spot to escape to and just hang out in.

4. Comfy Country Pub

The rustic industrial vibe of this Jalan Rumah Tinggi apartment designed by Starry Homestead manages to blend the features of a comfy country pub with the needs of a music lover and the everyday spaces every home needs. Who wouldn’t want to have their own bar in their house?

The comfy country vibe continues into the entertainment room designed specifically to make any musician feel at home. Barn doors and metal-pipe lighting fixtures continue the rustic-industrial theme; even the furniture made of timber and metal fits right in.

That same mix of materials continues into the master bedroom space with textured panelling used to hide away the wardrobe storage, and more timber being used to create a platform sleeping area.

5. Monochrome Minimalism

An almost entirely black and white space, this G Maisonette apartment is a perfectly minimalist environment. Designed by 0932 the stripped back slimline black metal used for the stair rail and internal doors creates a crisp, modernist interior design style.

By removing all unnecessary items of furniture, storage units or partitions, the space of the ground floor looks endless as you can see straight through from the entryway to the external windows on the other side of the space.

Directing - and hiding away - areas that are more used, and perhaps more likely to become untidy like the study and the kitchen, the designers enable the living spaces to be comfortable but spartan to continue the minimalist theme. 

Upstairs, the everyday needs of the homeowners are hidden behind doors in a narrow space that doubles as a dressing room; but the minimalist theme remains.

6. Gadgets Galore

In this Stratum Condo apartment, the designers from Aart Box Interior have used adaptable furniture and custom built-ins to create a multi-function space that is more usable than it first appears. 

The kitchen island can swing out to become a larger table perfect for a dinner party.

The sleeping platform above the entertainment area effectively adds an additional room to the rather small space; more storage is added in the custom built stairs and with built-in units.

7. Artful Architecture

The owners of this Hillington Green home designed by Fuse Concept wanted to make their art pieces a major feature of the interior design. Using a very large artwork as the central theme for the colour scheme of the home, the designers also used black metal that echoes the brush strokes of the painting, as artful architectural detailing throughout the spaces.

Fantastic use is made of the interior space to create an architectural feature of a stair in black geometric metal combined with timber that highlights the sharp design of the skylight above.

The architectural metal stair and the skylight lead the eye upwards to the exclusive rooftop living space that offers a unique spot to relax and entertain friends and family.

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