Accentuate Your Homes With Decorative Details

To make sure your interior design scheme is on-trend, super stylish and shows off your personality, add one of these four popular interior accents to your home to really make a statement.

1. Use Metallic Accents

One of the most popular home decor trends right now are Metallic Accents. Ranging in shades from yellow gold, pink gold, brass, steel and silver, there is sure to be metallic tone to suit your personal style. Here are some great examples of how you can a Metallic Accent or two to your own home … 

This apartment in The Terrace features touches of rose gold in the dining and kitchen area via stunning pendant lights, decorative items and even bar stools. 

To tie the living space with the dining area, the rose gold accents continue in the fan, the coffee table and the clock. 

Showing amazing attention to detail, even the cupboard handles are done in rose gold!

Designed by: Fuse Concept 


This Garden Vista kitchen uses strong gold metallic accents as a contrast to the royal blue and white cabinets, tiles and white countertop; the gold looks amazing with the wooden floors as well.

The blue, white and gold theme continues from the kitchen into the dining space with a stylish but functional glasses rack, and lights. Again, the gold acts as a contrast to the other colours in the room. 

The gold, white and blue theme of the apartment continues into the master bathroom using the same colours and a touch of metallics in the tiles. 

Designed by: Space Define Interior 

This Seletar Park apartment makes use of a more muted tone of gold that gives an elegant edge to the layers of black, grey and dark timber, in the coffee table and lamp shade.

More subtle use of dark gold metallic accents are also in the bedroom light fittings, that contrast stylishly with the dark timber headboard.

Designed by: 0932 

2. Add Patterned Tiles

Pretty patterned tiles are another popular trend, particularly as floor coverings but they also look fantastic as an accent detail on walls as well. And they don’t just have to stay in the kitchen or bathroom spaces. Here are some pretty patterned examples … 

This handy study nook stands out in this Tampines kitchen via the use of geometric patterned tiles in pretty but muted colours; there a touch of Peranakan style to them too. 

Designed by: IDID Pte Ltd 

To really make a statement in your home, why not splash out on some very colourful tiles in your public bathroom? This Bedok apartment bathroom has a matching glass basin combined for pale timber and white.

Designed by: Cozy Ideas Interior Design 

The front of this kitchen bench has been brightened up with the use of blue and white patterned tiles to create a nice feature that faces into the living space of this Tampines apartment

Designed by: Space Define Interior 


Patterned tiles don’t have to be loud, they can also make a more subtle statement like the pale patterned backsplash in this Hougang kitchen.

Designed by: Dreamcatcher Interior Design 


Although there are quite a few different patterns in the kitchen and dining space of this Pasir Ris apartment, by sticking with a few strong colours - like the blue - the tiles have become a fun accent.

The fun and colourful theme of patterned tiles continues into the master bathroom space as well as the public bathroom too. 

There are three kinds of tiles in this Pasir Ris bathroom - patterned green hexagons, faux timber and large concrete tiles - but they all seem to go together.

Designed by: The Interior Lab 

You don’t have to go crazy with tiles everywhere; this Serangoon bathroom makes a clever statement with a single strip of patterned tiles.

Designed by: MMJ Design Loft 

Pretty patterned tiles have become a stunning feature in this Yung Ping Road bathroom. By using the same tiles on the floor and on the wall in the built-in shelving, the room isn’t too busy.

Designer: Dots 'N' Tots Interior Group 

These monochrome patterned tiles add more texture to this minimal Choa Chu Kang kitchen.

Touches of colour in the printed tiles used in the bathroom stop the shades of grey, black and white from being too boring; running the same tiles across the floor and up the wall is a clever way of separating the shower area from the rest of the space.

Designed by: IDID Pte Ltd 

3. Try a Neon Accent

Neon lights have long been used for decoration in bars and hotels, but now you can find fun, affordable Neon art to add to your walls. Here are a few ways you can try … 

This fantastic Singlish sign in bright pink neon looks amazing in this Meiling Street kitchen; your guests will know exactly what to do!

Designed by: KDOT Associates 

White neon can look super pretty, and act as a nightlight too, like the neon sign in this Robertson Edge bedroom.

Designer: The Minimalist Society 

The contrast of hot pink neon against the dark green wall in this Eunos Crescent apartment. The link between the living area and the kitchen has been turned into a dining space that has the vibe of hip cafe.

Designed by: Fuse Concept 

Give your home the feel of a Wong Kar Wai movie set with a fabulous piece of neon art in the form of Chinese characters like in this Punggol kitchen.

Designed by: Fuse Concept 

4. Feature Furniture as an Accent

Spend some time on the details when you decorate your home by choosing pieces of statement furniture. Rugs, sofas, the headboard of your bed; make sure you choose items that you really love like in these homes… 

This beautiful, minimalist design ensures the eyes go to the main statement items in the room; a hot red sofa and the Terracotta Warrior statue in this Aalto Condo apartment.

Designed by: Fuse Concept 

This warmly toned living space in this Punggol Way apartment has a couple of fun accents like the faux deer head on the wall, and a large Buddah head sculpture; the patterned rug ties the two together.

Designed by: Hygge Design 

 A pair of beautiful decorative chairs, painted to match the wall colour, are a fabulous way of making a strong statement in this Holland Drive home.

More shades of blue are used to balance out the room via decorative cushions and a fabulous Chinese cabinet with brass accents.

Designed by: Black N White Haus Interior 


A bright red floor rug is a shout of colour and passion in this darkly minimalist lounge space; and the matching throw also picks up a touch of red in the large painting on the wall of this Harbourlights apartment.

Designed by: Neu Konceptz 


Your fixtures can also become a decorative accent in your home, just like in this Industrial style Water Terrace apartment. The geometric pattern of the rug echoes the lines of the unconcealed wiring on the wall, as well as the metal bands of the coffee table.

Designed by: Fuse Concept 

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