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One of the most important parts of renovating and decorating your home is to have the right type of lighting to make the best use of your home. There are many different types of lighting fixtures you can use, but each type has its own benefits - some are for task lighting in areas where you need to do things, others are for mood lighting to create an ambience. 

So how do you choose the right type of light fixtures for the various parts of your home? Here are some useful tips:

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are currently a major interior design trend in Singapore homes. Pendants are usually decorative and are hung from the ceiling to direct the light downwards. 

Pendant lights are also often used as a singular feature over a dining table. The designers from Fuse Concept and Forefront Interior used this idea to create a visual feature to highlight the dining table. 

Designed by Fuse Concept 

Designed by Forefront Interior

You can find pendant lights used as a feature in many kitchen spaces, usually over the kitchen island or bench that connects to the living space as you can see in this design. 

You can also use pendant lighting in conjunction with other types of lighting fixtures like in this kitchen by the design team at Dots N Tots.

Designed by Dots N Tots

Track Lighting

Track lighting has always been popular for spaces like art galleries or cafes as you can easily direct a spot light onto whatever you wish to feature. 

Set in a length of ‘track’, these lighting fixtures are a good option if you have pieces of art or other attractive features you want to highlight in your home. In this apartment by The Interior Lab you can see how the same type of track lighting has been used in the living, dining and kitchen spaces.

Designed by The Interior Lab

Track lighting is a great style option if your interior has a more minimalist or Scandinavian design vibe like in this lounge space by Meter Square and Design 4 Space.

Designed by Meter Square

Designed by Design 4 Space

Wall Sconces 

Often used on the outside of buildings near front doors, wall sconces are now a popular choice for interior design too. 

As wall sconces can direct light downwards or upwards, or in both directions, this is a versatile light fixture. You will most commonly see them used as bedside lights, like the ones used here by the Mr Shopper Studio design team and Black N White Haus. 

Designed by Mr Shopper Studio

Designed by Black N White Haus

If you want to make a statement with your lighting, you can use wall sconces to highlight art or wall features like in this design by Fuse Concepts that have interesting wire-framed lights set on the walls among art and exposed wiring.

Designed by Fuse Concept

Floor Lamps

Used to create an intimate feeling in a larger room or to section off a reading space, floor lamps can be found in a large number of various styles. 

Usually tall and with a heavy base to stop it from toppling over, a floor lamp can also be used a feature in a room.

Designed by Starry Homestead

Designed by De Style Interior

Floor lamps can also be used in the bedroom instead of bedside lamps or wall sconces.

Designed by Mr Shopper Studio

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is usually found in bathrooms and is used to provide additional lighting in the basin and vanity areas.

Designed by Design 4 Space

Designed by Summerhaus D'zign

Designed by Mr Shopper Studio

Usually created with LED strips or a single long tube light, you can also use under cabinet lighting for creating study areas or reading lights for beds like the Mr Shopper Studio design team used in this child’s bedroom.

Kitchens are another area you can use under cabinet lighting as a form of subtle task lighting as in this streamlined kitchen space.

Designed by Mr Shopper Studio

Valance Lighting

Usually set high into the ceiling spaces, valance lighting can be used with a variety of screens from timber to metal to allow light to be directed downwards or upwards, depending on the spaces. 

Designed by Design 4 Space

Designed by The Interior Lab

You can also use valance lighting in walk-in wardrobe spaces to create a calming, luxury vibe.

Designed by 0932

Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting is one of the most common forms of lighting found in our homes. However, it is sometimes thought to be a bit unfashionable since it's found everywhere. Despite this, recessed lighting is sometimes the best choice, particularly for rooms with low ceilings like in the rooms shown.

Designed by Ecasa Studio

Designed by Neu Konceptz

You can also use recessed lighting to define various areas in an open-plan room design and combine them with other features like pendant lights and valance lights.

Designed by Homevista

You can also use recessed lighting to create a warm, diffuse glow, like in this lounge space by Fifth Avenue Interior. 

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