A Home Design Inspired by YOU!

Do you love vintage furniture? Or are you more about Crazy Rich Asians? Are you a music lover? There is an interior design style for every kind of homeowner. Here are just five of them...

Vintage Fanatics

Are you someone who loves old things? Do you like to collect furniture from the 50s, or love old movie or advertising posters? Then your interior style is going to be Eclectic. 

Designed by Hue Concept

Your home will be full of carefully chosen vintage furniture mixed with bright colours and a few family favourite pieces, plus touches of modernity and fun.

Designed by Chapter B

The Eclectic style includes references to your favourite hobbies, like in this home where a wine rack and stool have been made out of an old Vespa.

Designed by Design 4 Space

The Resort Lover

Are you always dreaming of your holidays? Want to bring back the feel of lazy days, sunshine and open spaces to your home? Then your interior style is Modern Tropical. 

Designed by Create

The Modern Tropical style incorporates lots of white, pale timber or rattan, floaty curtains, natural details and touches of luxury.

Designed by Liid Studio

To keep the Modern Tropical vibe flowing, choose pale, natural floors and add as many lovely green plants as you can keep alive.

Designed by Fuse Concept

The Rockstar Wannabes

You’re a musician, or married to one. You love the nightlife and hanging out with friends. And you have love for strong colours, leather and metal. Your rockstar interior design style is Urban Industrial.

Designed by Starry Homestead

Not every room will be full of music memorabilia, but the Industrial theme will run into the bedroom spaces with dark, soothing colours, masculine materials like concrete and dark timber, and yes, some stars.

Designed by Starry Homestead

If you can’t do your whole home in an Industrial rockstar vibe, go all out in your study area with textured walls, lashings of metal, bare bulb lighting and enough space for your guitar.

Designed by Neu Konceptz

The Bachelor

You’ve got your own home, you don’t have to share it, and you are willing to spend to get the cool Bachelor Pad you’ve always wanted. Your interior design style is Modern Individualist.

Designed by Zenith Arc

Everyone will have a personal preference for colours or types of finishes, but the Modern Individualists will combine these with their favourite hobbies and interests, like the touches of Star Wars and movie stars in this apartment (above).

Designed by The Interior Lab

The Modern Individualist style will be designed specifically for one person’s habits; this apartment has a well set-up spot for gaming as well as fun climbing platforms for pet cats disguised as decorative shelves.

Designed by Lemonfridge Studio

Crazy Rich Asians

Come on, you know who you are. You love glamour and luxury and entertainment and excess. Your interior design style is totally Modern Glamour. 

Designed by Summerhaus D'Zign

Imagine luxurious materials, muted and elegant tones, touches of gold, lots of mirrors and marble - that’s your design scheme.

Designed by Mr Shopper Studio

Additional delicate, and expensive details, like handcrafted timber work, rare orchids, soft finishes like silk and satin, will complete your Crazy Rich Asian modern and glamorous decor.

Designed by Mr Shopper Studio

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