5 Unique Ways To Display Items in Your Home That Spark Joy

The phrase, coined by organisation guru Marie Kondo, basically means to keep the things that mean the most to you and showcase your personality and hobbies. We present five unique ways to work around your floor plan and inject some seriously cool ways to display your treasures, even if it means taking apart a Vespa to do so (yes, really!). 

1) Use Unconventional Shelving

This home at Pasir Ris, designed by Design 4 Space, uses a deconstructed Vespa to serve as shelving. The front is tacked onto a shelf which houses the owner's beloved vintages, while the other half is mounted with legs to keep it stable and forms a unique display piece--or extra seating, if you're so inclined. 

Another option is to keep it travel-themed and bring a piece of London home with you, with the telephone-booth inspired shelf featured in this project at Queen Close, by Ace Space Design, now holding treasured photos and beloved books. 

2) Think Tall

Add more shelving options in often under-utilised areas, and think vertically as the designers from Neu Konceptz did in this project at Pasir Ris Street 51. They mounted shelving above the sofa to place the owner's bicycle, and easy access to it via the stairs. 

If you're a connoisseur of spirits, like this owner at Serangoon Avenue 3, arrange them in the otherwise dead space above the dining table. Er Studio designed glass shelves with black metal supports exudes an elegance that would not be out of place in some of the best bars in the world.

3) Design a Feature Wall with Storage

We love the idea of recessed storage in this feature wall at Sengkang. The designers from Edge Interior used trendy red brick juxtaposed against a monochrome shelving scheme. Tip: Take out only your most treasured items, and don't worry about empty space--it gives it a chic and uncluttered feel. 

The designers from Dyel Design injected a ton of visual interest with these custom floor-to-ceiling shelving unit, making the most of the height of the home at 1 Newton. The owners' cherished belongings are then artfully placed on the racks, making sure to leave lots of empty space to break up the visual space. 

4) Boutique-Style Glamour

Showcase the best of your carefully curated wardrobe with a walk-in closet designed by Neu Konceptz for a home in the Trillium. Take a cue from the luxury boutiques in how to display your items, with plenty of racks to showcase your cots and jackets, with a display cabinet featuring your precious jewellery and watches. Branded sneakers can also take pride of place on the side, with special lighting to really help these stand out. 

If you can knock down the walls between the next bedroom and yours, we suggest following this layout at Belleswater, designed by Dyel Design. The lighted display case features all the owner's cherished luxury handbags and shoes--with a TV in the middle, and with a vanity and wardrobe behind the display case, giving ithe whole room a luxurious feel akin to stepping into a high-end boutique. 

5) Make Use of Small Corners

For those with less space, a display cabinet can also be placed in your bedroom, like this one, designed by Elpis Interior Design Pte Ltd for the home at Ecopolitan. The glass display gives it a more luxurious feel, while also making it much easier to find the watch you want. 

Sometimes, all you really need is a small portion of the wall for extra shelving. Here, StyleMySpace Pte Ltd designed a trapezoid shelf with lighting on the right side of the wall of the bedroom for the owners to display a few mementoes, a touch that adds visual interest while keeping the side tables uncluttered.  

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