Get Crafty: New to Home by Hitcheed, Easy DIY Crafts You Can Do at Home

Introducing our new Home by Hitcheed DIY series, a fun and easy way to create gorgeous things out of everyday objects. We scoured the web for cute and fun DIY crafts that we believe will make you squeal.

Note: If watermelons aren’t your thing, feel free to create any other design to your fancy, how about sponge printed bubble tea!!

First up we’re making watermelon-printed tea towels - a quick and easy project inspired by Salty Canary

This activity is also kid-friendly so feel free to rope in the kids to help you out, not only will your kids enjoy themselves, but doing this together will serve as valuable bonding time between you too. Let’s get crafting!

What you’ll need: 

1 Tea towel

1 Sponge

A pair of scissors

Red, green and black paint (preferably for fabric) 

Paint brush 

Newspapers/cardboard (for protection)

First prepare your workstation, spread out newspapers or cardboard on your table or workspace for an easy cleanup - we don’t paint bleeding through onto your gorgeous furniture. 

With a sharp pair of scissors cut out a rounded wedge at one corner of the sponge, make another rounded cut on the same corner - this will be the rind of the watermelon. Parents, If you’re doing this activity with your kid(s), you might want to take over this step, as we know scissors can be very dangerous! If you’re struggling with the shape we recommend using a marker to create an outline - it makes cutting so much easier!

Pro tip: a slim sponge is easier to cut!

Lay out your blank tea towel onto your piece of cardboard or newspaper. Apply red paint onto the larger wedge and stamp randomly onto the tea towel - this will be the flesh of your watermelon. A faster alternative would be to squeeze your paint onto the newspaper/cardboard and fill up the sponge directly from there.

Next, coat green paint onto the smaller curved sponge, the one for the rind, and stamp it below the red fruit -- try to leave a small space between your green and red stamps so that it looks like a piece of watermelon with a little bit of white in the middle. 

Now, take your black paint and top off your watermelon slices with little black dots for the seeds! Here we used black metallic paint because, hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of shimmer.  

Let your tea towel dry -- it shouldn’t take more than 2 hours in Singapore’s climate. Otherwise, you could always hasten the process with a hairdryer….and voila! Your very own adorable watermelon-printed tea towels. Cute, huh!

Watch the full video here!

Let us know if you try this!