3 Easy Christmas DIYs You Can Do Super Quickly!

So Christmas is just a few days away, but haven't started decorating your home yet? Here are a few fun DIYs that are simple to do and look great, and you can get the kids involved too! Create your very own DIY wrapping paper, Christmas twine ornaments and wreaths!

1) Potato Wrapping Paper 

What you’ll need: 

Cookie cutters

Large potatoes

A knife 

Chopping board

Craft paper 

Paint- we used white for the snowflakes

Cardboard or newspaper

Optional: Twine or ribbon (to accent your wrapping paper when you wrap your gift)

Small pieces of cardstock for gift tags

Warning: you may develop a craving for fries while doing this craft. 

1) Cut your potato into half. 

2) Press your cookie cutter into the potato. If you have a larger size cutter, you may need to rack the grocery aisle for larger potatoes.

3) Cut around the potato with your knife so you get a raised shape of the cookie cutter. Carefully remove the cookie cutter from the potato. Repeat steps 1-4 for a variety of potato stamps with different shapes. 

4) Squeeze the paint onto the cardboard and load up your potato stamp(s) with paint. Have fun stamping your craft paper! 

5) Paint on any details you’d like, such as ornaments for the Christmas tree.

6) Let it dry and wrap your present with some twine/ribbon and you're done! 

Optional step: 

You could also make a simple gift tag with some card stock and the potato stamps. Cut around the edges and punch a hole onto it, and write the recipient’s name, your message and your name on the back and attach it to the twine/ribbon.

2) Twine Ornaments

What you'll need: 

Cling wrap

A balloon

A ball of twine

School glue 




Newspaper or cardboard just to keep your workspace clean

1) Blow up the balloon to create a small balloon, and tie off the end. 

2) Unravel a length of cling wrap and wrap it around the balloon. 

3) Cut out a length of twine and wrap it around the balloon. Do this until the whole balloon is mostly filled with twine. Tuck the remaining end in. 

4) Create a mixture of cornstarch, water and glue, in a ratio of about 120 ml of glue, 1/2 cup of cornstarch and 1/4 cup of water.
5) Begin painting the mixture on the balloon. 
6) Let the balloon dry overnight. Once dry, use a pin or scissors to poke a hole into the balloon, and remove both the plastic wrap and balloon.
You're done with your very own twine ornament! To make it extra fancy, you could put in a string of fairy lights into the bauble, and hang it on your Christmas tree. 

3) Christmas Wreath

What you’ll need:

Metal cutting pliers 
Pliers (to twist the hanger into shape) 
A wire hanger
Christmas ornaments of different sizes and colours
Some Christmas greenery 

1) Untwist the wire from the hanger at its neck. Cut off the ends with the metal cutting pliers so it’s easier to thread the ornaments through.
2) Bend the hanger to create an approximately round shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect since you’ll be covering it with ornaments anyway!

3) Thread the ornaments through, making sure to vary the colours and sizes and creating three layers of baubles until you’ve filled three quarters of the hanger. Leave some space on the sides of the hanger hook to close and for the greenery. Pro tip: use slightly larger baubles (more than 2 inches across) as it’ll be easier to thread through. 

4) Once you’re done, twist the wire back onto the hanger to form a closed circle. Add Christmas greenery to the top to cover any empty spots.
Voila! You’re done with your very own Christmas wreath!

Watch the full video here: