10 Inspiring Platform Bed Designs to Lift Up Your Space


With limited space in Singapore, homeowners are looking for smart solutions with their interior design, to make the most of what they’ve got. The platform bed is one such solution, increasing storage space and functionality, when it comes to home renovation, this could be your ticket to level-up your space.  Small home? No problem, bid farewell to traditional bed frames and scroll on for ten platform bed designs to inspire you. 

1) Amber Gardens 

Not your average bed base, this platform design utilises two shades of wood against a rich navy wall for a point of difference. Its curved bedhead niche delivers handy, accessible storage and flows seamlessly with the curved built-in window frame. This renovation has created full under-bed storage with additional access at the bottom of the bed for increased functionality.

Credit: The Interior Lab

2) 93 Geylang Bahru 

This design makes the most out of Singapore’s small spaces by using a platform bed to designate separate areas. With the bed elevated the room is divided into sleeping and living, offering ample storage space underneath and, with the use of a glass concertina partition, makes the most out of all the available light whilst extenuating the size of the room. 

Credit: Insight.Out Studio

3) Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2

This interior design, with its recessed lighting and curved edges, creates a calming atmosphere and an abundance of space. Utilising the high ceilings the bed is perched on a step-up platform, increasing storage space without losing functionality. We especially like the custom window seats that match the bed and add even more storage.

Credit: Starry Homestead

4) West Edge

Another step-up platform but this time with a tapered step design that allows for a designated seating space, and an extra spacious platform that offers an abundance of storage. Like our previous design, this renovation makes the most of the high ceilings with its step-up platform, creating a calm, nest-like feel.

Credit: Mr Shopper Studio

5) 313 Shunfu Road 

This design makes the most of its compact interior by combining a bed with a designated study nook. The slim platform offers under bed storage and, by combining bed and desk space, it creates a generous layout in the remaining part of the room. We particularly like the contrasting colours that help brighten the room and create a serene atmosphere.

Credit: Ark-hitecture

6) 442A Bukit Batok

We love a Muji style renovation, and this interior ticks all the minimalist boxes with its balance of soothing tones and clean lines. It offers under floor and under bed storage and it’s short, curved step design allows for a built-in vanity/study nook for added functionality.

Credit: Happe Design Atelier

7) Sol Acres

This multi-use interior makes use of its full floor platform with a tatami mattress; two spaces for the price of one. With its ample under floor storage this space is easily transformed from living space by day, sleeping space by night. Full floor-to-ceiling wardrobes make the most of all the available space with sliding doors to help maximise the floorplan.

Happe Design Atelier

8) 128C Canberra

This sleek and simple platform bed design is the ultimate in minimalist design. The generous underfloor space allows for ample storage, allowing for a clean room that maximises both light and space. An interior that evokes calm; the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s city life.

Credit: The Minimalist Society

9) The Raintree 

Not all platform beds need to be minimalist, this rustic bed design is reminiscent of tree house living. It takes advantage of the floor to ceiling windows and utilises an extra high platform, offering you extra storage and a stunning view across the trees.  

Credit: Ciseern

10) Tampines North Drive 1 

This renovation steps away from the raw wood aesthetic, its dark, muted tones and recessed lighting creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere. The platform bed spans the entire width of the room allowing for extra storage, while the built-in side tables fit seamlessly adding extra functionality.

Credit: Ciseern

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