Stylish BTO & Resale flat home renovations under $35,000

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Continuing on from our article on the pros and cons of buying a BTO versus a Resale apartment, here are some super stylish home renovations that cost under S$35,000 which might make you change your mind to buying a Resale apartment.

BTO HDB Apartments 

1. West Terra

The crisp, clean lines of this minimalist design creates a simple but stylish space that is clean and functional. The use of white and other light shades throughout the home on walls, floors and on the built-in storage options makes this smaller BTO apartment appear to be larger than it really is.

Interior Designer: Design 4 Space
Renovation Cost: $35,000

2. Pasir Ris Drive 1

Exposed brick walls, ductwork and use of rustic timber gives a cool industrial, loft-style vibe to this apartment, that belies the fact that this is a newly built home. 

Interior Designer: De Style Interior
Renovation Cost: $23,000

3. Punggol Walk

The functional but warm interior design scheme in this smaller apartment makes the most of the limited space with multifunction and built-in furniture pieces like a storage bench for dining seating and slim cupboards in the entryway.

Interior Designer: Ju Design Studio
Renovation Cost: $32,000

4. Matilda Court

The cool simplicity of minimalist interior design is softened with the addition of pastel colours and pale timber floors and furniture in this BTO flat.

Interior Designer: The Minimalist Society
Renovation Cost: $20,000

Resale HDB Apartment

You don’t need to hack apart everything when renovating an older HDB Resale apartment. Sometimes just an update in colours and finishes can completely change the vibe and style of an apartment.

1. Yishun Gardens

Very few major changes have been made to this home, but the use of minimalist white paint, new modern flooring and industrial style electrical fittings has completely transformed the space.

Image Credits: Areana Creation
Interior Designer: $23,800

2. 553 Jurong West 

Using pale timber throughout this renovation has given this older apartment a fresh, new Scandinavian vibe when combined with lots of bright white paint.

Interior Designer: Dots 'N' Tots Interior Group
Renovation Cost: $23,000

3. Gangsa Rd

Replacing one external wall that leads on to the balcony has completely transformed the feel and functionality of this older apartment; black metal frames are a popular interior trend and have been used to great effect in this renovation.

Interior Designer: Space Factor
Renovation Cost: $30,000

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