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Dreamcatcher Interior Design Pte Ltd is a professional and comprehensive design agency that specializes in residential, commercial, and office space renovation services. Over at Dreamcatcher, we marry our youthful design philosophy with our abundance of personal experiences to redefine interior design and improve the quality of life of our valued clients.

Our team of highly creative and innovative designers possess diverse knowledge to blend creativity with upcoming and current design trends to create luxurious and innovative homes that have a very intimate connection to our valued clients.

Over at Dreamcatcher, we are firm believers that every single project we begin has it’s specific needs, budget and the level of expectation bestowed upon us by our valued clients.

We believe that the essence of immaculate space planning begins with the communication of ideas and design feasibility between the home owners and us. We rely on our professional knowledge and personal experiences to dish out advice to every single one of our clients to facilitate a smooth delivery of their dream homes.

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    43 McNair Road Townerville , 328535 Singapore

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