How to Incorporate Marble Into Your Home

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One of the most popular and timeless materials used in interior design is marble. It can be used on floors, counters, bathrooms, walls and for art pieces. Marble is stylish, elegant, sleek and comes in a wide variety of colours and surface textures. 

Marble, however, can sometimes look a little old fashioned; you don’t want your home to look like a hotel lobby from the ‘80s after all. Which is why it is worth looking at examples of how marble can be used in a stylish way by some of Singapore’s top interior design studios.


0932 Design Consultants is an award-winning architectural and interior design practice, founded in 2011, by Mr Low Chee Khiang and Mr Roystern Goh. Their design style is a mix of minimalism and luxury materials with a focus on calm and relaxing colours and themes.

The mix of different types of marble on the walls and floors of this Corals Apartment creates a luxurious feel, but the pale timber and simple lines stop the look from being too overwhelming.

The marble countertop and backsplash in the kitchen is contrasted with darker toned timber cabinets. Marble has also been used as a feature behind the bedhead in the bedroom. The combination with paler timber and the dark tone of the bedhead creates a harmonious, relaxing feel.

Image Credit: 0932

Neu Konceptz

Neu Konceptz is an all-service team of interior designers who work on both residential and commercial projects. The brand’s style features neutral tones and luxury materials.

The dark neutral tones of this Compassvale Walk apartment mixes marble in a feature colour with stone floor tiles and mid-toned timber in a symphony of brown and gray.

The design pays attention to the details with different marble off-cuts used to create shelves in the wall niche. 

A honed composite stone countertop in the kitchen further continues the colour theme by matching the darker tones of the marble feature wall in the living space.

Image Credit: Neu Konceptz

KDOT Associates

KDOT Associates is a team of interior designers who focus on creating customised home designs for their customers, and off a complete range of services.

Grey marble flooring has been used across the main living areas and bedrooms of this McNair Road apartment, and paired with similar oak timber wall features for a streamlined look.

The grey marble starts at the entrance and flows throughout the apartment to ensure a cohesive look and feel underfoot.

While, in the bedroom the grey marble floor offsets the darker timber panelling and sleeping platform to create a cozy, darker space for relaxing and sleeping.

Image Credit: KDOT Associates

Mr Shopper Studio

The design team at Mr Shopper Studio uses the IPA Programme - Interior Personality Analysis - to work with their clients to create interior design schemes that match their clients’ personality types and how they live in their homes. The brand’s style is very modern and contemporary, and it is known for using innovative materials and unique design solutions.

Classic white marble flooring has been used in this Wallich Residences apartment to create a luxurious, penthouse style feel. 

Soft warm lighting was used to create warmth in the space and is combined with lots of soft furnishings to stop the rooms from feeling too cold or clinical.

In the kitchen area, a contrasting dark marble has been used on the island’s waterfall countertop. 

Image Credit: Mr Shopper Studio

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