Home interior inspiration for nature lovers


A quick scroll through Instagram and you will find any number of accounts dedicated to indoor plants and gardens. 

Adding shots of green with lush indoor plants or making the most of the greenery beyond your windows is the easiest way to bring nature into your home. Creating a home around a love of nature can be more than just using natural materials, earthy tones and indoor plants.

For lovers of nature, here is some great inspiration on how to add more green to your interior design scheme.

1. Fertile furnishings

The interior design scheme for this Kopi C apartment combines the owner’s love of indoor plants and natural materials with sharp modern lines, and a minimalist attitude towards decoration. The use of mixed timbers, vintage furniture pieces and colour adds layers of interest to the space. The cool camping hammock gives the feel of a temporary, casual outdoor space.

Image Credit: ROOOT Studio

Forest green walls add to the illusion that the apartment opens up into a garden, the indoor plants displayed around the wide windows gives the impression that the greenery outside is a part of the space. Rattan furniture is a very natural type of material to use for a green vibe, but by choosing to add black and white to the pieces, a touch more city style has been added to the space.

Image Credit: ROOOT Studio

Rattan furniture was also used in this Loft @ Hillview apartment to create a natural interior style. Choose classic rattan furniture, however, doesn’t mean you can’t add touches of modern colour which gives the room a fresh, youthful appeal. By mixing the rattan with more modern furnishings, it stops the space from feeling dated.

Image Credits: DB Studio

2. Precious Plants

Plants are essential for any nature lover’s home, but they shouldn’t be an afterthought. Make your indoor plants central to your interior design by treating them as works of art or sculptural features. The balcony of the Niche House has been turned into a personalised potting and plant care space, that also allows enough room using stylish furniture to create a great spot for coffee.

Image Credit: ROOOT Studio

In this Katong Gardens home, hanging plants have been used as a divider between the kitchen and living area. The addition of timber panelling and wooden beams continues the natural theme, as does the stone feature wall. Continuing the timber panelling into the hallway, and adding more indoor plants echoes the nature loving theme throughout the house.

Image Credit: Aiden-T

3. Wide Open Plan

Creating a sense of extreme openness can also help give the impression of bringing the outdoors inside. The design of this Elias Road apartment gives the impression of an old fashioned shophouse home. With no walls, an open balcony area with wide, open windows and low-set furniture, the central living area appears so much larger, and open to nature. Creating a different floor level from the living area to the ‘outdoor’ balcony space gives the impression that the area is much larger than it really is. There is even enough space for a barbeque. 

Image Credit: Aart Boxx Interior

The seamless indoor-outdoor design of this Joo Chiat home makes the most of the rooftop space and doubles the living area of the home. With the blinds down, the main kitchen and dining space becomes more intimate and protected from the harsh sun and rainy weather. Opening up the blinds allows light to pour into the interior space to reflex against the dark timber finishes.

Image Credit: Dyel Design

4. Let the Sunlight in!

The floor-to-ceiling windows in this Stirling Road apartment bring lots of sunlight into the interior spaces, creating a light and airy space that nature lovers are sure to appreciate. The light from the large windows penetrates all the way through the interior space of the apartment.

Image Credit: Design 4 Space

The large windows and external glass doors of this Country Park Condo home not only allow lots of light into the interior, but also creates a feeling of being close to nature. By using light coloured furniture and semi-sheer blinds, the light reaches right into the back of the living area.

Image Credit: Meter Square

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