6 Classic and Gorgeous Homes That Will Never go Out of Style

The average Singaporean revamps their home roughly every 10 years, maybe more if we decide to invest in property. Following trends doesn’t come cheap so it’s important to design your space in a way that never goes out of fashion. But how do we do that? How do we create a space that feels timeless? It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends, but rather than focus on fads aim to create a firm, functional foundation that remains true to your personal taste. Sound good? Below we take a look at six interiors that boast timeless style and share why we think they work.

1. Light, Bright & lots of White 

The safest way to ensure your interiors don’t look dated is to stick to a neutral colour palette. Feature walls and patterned wallpaper will come and go but sticking to a good ol’ fashioned white wall has staying power. Take this home by Zenith Arc, with its cool, refreshing shades throughout creates a seamlessly modern design. Touches of timber warm up the space,  and with plenty of natural light and a super functional kitchen packed with storage, you have a space that is simple, intuitive and ageless.

(Images by Zenith Arc)

2. Arts & Crafts & Indoor Plants 

It is important to design around your personality - after all fashion is changeable, but pieces of art or furniture that hold meaning to you will hold that meaning for a lifetime. This home by Create is bathed in light and is styled with a collection of fun pieces from different eras and styles, creating an eclectic space that oozes comfort and personality. Pieces of art and indoor plants are safe styling options and are guaranteed to look great and never lose their allure.

(Images by Create)

3. Open Plan & Pop of Colour 

Now, a neutral palette doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. This space, designed by Elpis Interior Design, opts for a mainly neutral palette but its feature is an eye catching pop of royal blue with the kitchen island. With timber floorboards, white walls, tons of natural light, shaker style cabinets and a classic farmhouse sink, we would be forgiven for labelling this kitchen as “traditional”, the island however is a happy contrast, lifting the space and injecting more than a splash of personality.

(Images by Elpis Interior Design)

4. A Warm Wood Welcome 

Natural elements are a forever trend: there’s just something about wood, granite and marble that takes us back to our element and makes a home feel like...well, home. Icon Interior Design created this next space with that in mind and has featured beautiful warm timber throughout. There is a subtle nod to a bygone era but in pairing all that timber with modern tiles, functional bi-folding doors and smart storage, a space that feels fresh, modern and welcoming has been created . Investing in vintage pieces is one of the smartest things you can do when styling your home - if it’s fashionable 50 years on, it’s likely not to stale any time soon.

(Images by Icon Interior Design)

5. Lofty Ideals 

Not everyone has a lot of space to play with but if you do, why not make the most of it? Another epic design from Create features classic timeless elements such as white walls, wooden floor boards and tons of natural light. Making a focal point of the ceiling beams and bare brick wall in the loft space is a charming touch that helps keeps the space refreshing. Bear in mind this home was designed in 2013, by pairing these classic elements with its eclectic styling - vintage rugs with modern furniture, colour coordinating bookshelves - it reflects character and allows it to still feel relevant today.

(Images by Create)

6. Open Plan with a Grayscale Palette 

Icon Interior Design has done it again with this home, featuring not only timber but also marble flooring, white walls, high ceilings and plenty of natural light. The living area is styled in a neutral grey palette, with an array of comfort inducing items, the hero of the space being the Eames lounge chair. The neutral colour scheme continues in the kitchen and bathroom, with the use of mirrors and reflective surfaces seemingly expanding the space --and a sense of space is a commodity that will never go out of style.

(Images by Icon Interior Design)

The designs above will last years into the future as they all consist of good bones and plenty of space. But even if your space is limited, by utilising a neutral colour palette, natural elements, and embracing your personality within the styling of your home, you can prevent it from feeling dated. After all it’s not just in the furniture or the function but in the overall vibe, reflecting yourself will help fashion a timeless, personality packed interior that exudes comfort. Which one is your favourite?

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