5 Brilliant Ideas To Bringing Your Living Room To Life

More often than not, living rooms form the first impression of the home. It is probably the most common area where various entertainment or interaction takes place. Have you ever wondered how to maximize the given space in a small and cramped apartment? Here are 5 interesting tips you may want to try out to brighten up your living room!

1) Smart Storage

With the abundance of cutting-edge technology, smart storage and living can be applied to every area of the household. We're talking about everything from home security to managing storage spaces - especially living in Singapore, where space is a luxury. 

Edge Interior and Meter Square incorporates the use of smart living spaces with furniture pieces that are easy and convenient. 

Investing in a piece of furniture that works not only utilize the given space but also being easy on the eyes. This means that you aren't compromising design for purpose. In other words, you get to have your cake and eat it too!

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  (Image credits:  Meter Square)

2)  Using Furniture To Divide Spaces And Create Depth

While trying to make the most out of a small room, it is important to recognize the power of your furniture. Furniture can help to divide a room and create more depth. 

For example, using an L-Shaped sofa can break the space of a room and make way for conversational areas. If you're not looking to chuck out your current sofa set, try getting yourself a rug. Rugs and carpets can aid in creating boundaries or marking certain areas of a room. 

When deciding on the layout of your living room, recognise that your TV is often a good focal point. Symmetrical curtains help keep the balance of the room but not taking away from your designated focal point. 

Another easy trick is to make use of a tall lamp, a mirror, or both! These items help to amplify your room - making it appear both bigger and brighter in our eyes. 

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(Image Credits: Elpis Interior Design)

3) Picture Frames As A Statement Wall

A picture speaks a thousand words - a phrase we've all heard at least once in our lives. Whether you're a little sentimental or big on art, a statement wall made out of picture frames will help to breathe some life into a less-than-exciting room. 

When creating a picture wall, remember that it is crucial to break one's line of sight. It can be done by staggering the way in which you place your picture frames. As odd as this may sound, avoid arranging your pictures side-by-side. Overall, your walls will become more pleasing to look at. 

Try a method known as the staircase, where you align your frames to mimic the flow of stairs. You can even align them accordingly to your actual steps. This method tends to look a little neater while staying away from looking plain or boring.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, try something called the Mosaic. With this method, you're pretty much free to place your photos wherever you please. Feel free to let loose and have some fun!

(Image Credits: Edge Interior)

(Image Credits: Hue Concept)

4)  Artificial Grass Turf And Flowers

It has been proven that by looking at plants or greenery can help relax our eyes. If you want the greenery but can't be bothered with the upkeep that comes with a plant, try an artificial grass turf instead. 

Try making use of artificial flowers or some artificial grass to decorate your living room. Our personal favorite would have to be hanging plants (of the fake variety) - they allow you to play around with the space in your home and take a once empty wall and make it the focal point of your living room. Couple this with some classic garden gnomes or fairy lights and you've got your very own indoor garden!

  (Image credits:  Meter Square)

(Image Credits: Edge Interior)

(Image Credits: Ace Space Design)

5) Vintage and Retro concept

Vintage has definitely made a comeback in the pass decade. It helps to give the room a nostalgic vibe and can take you back to a different time. Famous pop icons such as Elvis Presley, Bob Marley along with rock singers Aerosmith have long influenced our fashion and lifestyle decisions. So why not takes things that you love and apply it to your interior design preference?

Start with a single item- get yourself a jukebox and place it at the corner of the living room. Alternatively, a gramophone could give it the same feel. Once you are comfortable with your choice, you can incorporate a variety of posters and antiques to give your room the sought-after retro vibe!


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