10 Beautiful Homes In Singapore To Take Inspiration From

As a homeowner, you’ve spent much money, time and effort securing a little nest for yourself. Your space should be a place that reflects your character, thoughts and desires--in other words, it needs to be perfect.

You don’t need to be a millionaire nor pay through your nose for a beautiful home just for yourself. But what you need is to make the space your own. Here are 10 beautiful homes in Singapore that dare to be different. Take inspiration from these designs when deciding what you want your unique space to look like.

1. 127 Potong Pasir

Minimalistic, chic and sleek. Ace Space Design uses sleek lines, smart storage spaces and a muted colour palette to create a clean and clutter-free design. Paring things down to the basics, this home keeps things fuss and stress-free, making it a sanctuary to return to . As the saying goes, sometimes quality goes far beyond quantity. Less can always be more.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Pasir Ris
Cost of Renovation: SGD 25,000

2. 8 Lorong Liew Lian

Lush and luxurious, The Interior Lab chooses a classic black and gold theme to elevate the home into a classy and homey space, while using glass to open up the space and make the apartment look much bigger. Using elevated platforms and taking inspiration from zen designs, this home is the perfect bachelor pad to impress just about anyone.

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab
Location: Lorong Liew Lian
Cost of Renovation: SGD 45,000

3. Lake Life

Using natural light that flows in from the large floor-to-ceiling windows, Forefront Interior Design makes the most of its features by designing an interior that complements its layout perfectly. Putting function over form without compromising aesthetics, this home uses custom made shelves and furniture with the necessary touches of personalisation to make it unique.

Interior Designer: Forefront Interior Design
Cost of Renovation: SGD 30,000

4. 150 Mariam Way

Daring to be different, Hue Concept embodies the uniqueness of the owners with one-of-a-kind designer furniture and funky geometric shapes. From shelves to its tiles and lights, geometric shapes accent the house that dares to stray from classic designs and gives it life through its outlook.

Interior Designer: Hue Concept
Location: Mariam Way
Cost of Renovation: SGD 65,000

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5. D’Nest

Earthy tones and clean custom storage, D’Nest is evidence that a small space does not have to feel cramped. Dyel Design focuses on making the home a cosy little nest fit for a family, the design prides itself on being sleek and polished without being superfluous.

Interior Designer: Dyel Design
Cost of Renovation: SGD 30,000

6. The Luxurie

Minimalistic and clean designs aren’t for everyone, and they should not be. People who have a passion for collecting memorabilia and have a fondness for placing family portraits and happy memories on display are able to do so without making it look messy. Ace Space Design worked with a happy family home in mind, this home keeps their happy family in mind when designing the space.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Cost of Renovation: SGD 18,000

7. 676D Punggol Drive

Lively pops of colour set against a woody and earthy base. Hue Concept maintains a good balance between the proven formula of woody colours and designs and the cheerful additions of personality and character. Giving the house a life of its own, the design embodies vitality and aesthetics.

Interior Designer: Hue Concept
Location: Punggol
Cost of Renovation: SGD 55,000

8. 217D Sumang Walk

A mix of modern and traditional, Elpis Interior Design uses the classic wood on white theme with modern lines and sleek designs while retaining traditional aspects with its rattan furniture. With glass sliding doors and a open kitchen concept, the house uses space wisely with its design and does away with a cluttered looking layout.

Interior Designer: Elpis Interior Design
Cost of Renovation: SGD 45,000

9. 416 Hougang

Textured walls elevate a home from common to unique. With white textured brick walls, The Design Practice adds a touch of individuality with its brick wall without compromising on its theme by keeping it white and clean looking. With additional thoughtful touches like a chalkboard wall, the design keeps things refreshing and never looking the same.

Interior Designer: The Design Practice
Location: Hougang
Cost of Renovation: SGD 75,000

10. 217D Sumang Walk

Light pastels and natural light are a match made in heaven. With these relaxing but vibrant colour pastels, Chapter B sets itself apart without looking like too harsh a contrast. Elevated furniture also create a sense of openness and opens up the space without looking cluttered.

Interior Designer: Chapter B
Cost of Renovation: SGD 36,000


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